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The School’s official and comprehensive policies governing degree programs are included in the latest Academic Catalog of the School. The following are commonly referenced policies.


Grades are available on BannerWeb giving students access to their grades at the end of each semester. Students can also check grade changes, incomplete make-ups, and posting of transfer credit throughout the year, and they may also print unofficial Web transcripts.

Because of these services, the Registrar’s Office does not issue grade mailers. Grades are normally available in BannerWeb about 48 hours following the grade due date published in the academic calendar. Grades are deemed correct unless notification to the contrary is received by the University Registrar within three months following the close of term.

Review our grading policies in the SPCS Academic Catalog to understand how GPA and grades are determined.

Honor Code

The University of Richmond and each of its academic schools adhere to an honor code based on individual integrity and individual responsibility. By enrolling in the School of Continuing Studies, students commit themselves to maintaining the highest standards of honorable behavior possible, both in the pursuit of their academic objectives as well as in their general conduct. These objectives are central to individual learning but also in creating an environment conducive to learning generally.

The students periodically review and adopt the Honor Code as necessary, charging the administration and particularly dean of the School of Professional and Continuing Studies with enforcement of the provisions that comprise the code. Please visit the Honor Code page for current information.