New Student Checklist

This checklist is intended for students who have been admitted to the School of Professional and Continuing Studies and received confirmation of admission from the University.

Technology & Networking

Much of your student experience at University of Richmond relies on technology and networking. As a result, there are several steps you should take as soon as you receive your admissions letter, which contains your University of Richmond ID (URID) and password. You’ll need your URID and birthdate in MMDDYYYY format to activate your account.

  1. Review instructions for activating your network account
  2. Visit the Network Account Management page to activate your NetID computing account for email, networking access and more
  3. Install Duo Security on a mobile device to enable required 2-factor authentication for off-campus access to BannerWeb and VPN
  4. Access BannerWeb using your NetID and password to enter emergency information and to register for classes
  5. If you’re considering or enrolling in an online or hybrid class, review our technology recommendations.
  6. Connect to the campus network, access Box storage and more

Course of Study

Careful planning of your course of study ensures that you take only those classes required for your degree and that you maintain eligibility for financial aid, if applicable. Your primary point of contact for planning is your student advisor.

  1. Meet with a student advisor to begin planning your course of study toward your degree
  2. Search with your advisor for upcoming courses you plan to take — reference the academic calendar
  3. If you’re considering or enrolling in an online or hybrid class, be sure to review our Online Student Preparation resources.
  4. Register for classes online using BannerWeb
  5. Review and purchase required texts at the Bookstore

Campus & Community Necessities

Everyone, including distance students, needs things on and from campus, from the library to the bookstore and beyond. Your student ID card and your parking pass are among the keys to getting things done on campus.

  1. Upload a photo for your One Card student ID, then pick up the card at Orientation or the One Card office
  2. Register for your campus parking pass, good for the entire academic year (including summer)
  3. Visit the new student onboarding module in Blackboard to get ready for classes
  4. Get to know your Student Government Association and consider joining the peer program
  5. Review the SPCS Catalog and UR Student Handbook for conduct expectations, rights and responsibilities, and academic policies and procedures

Tuition & Financial Aid

Figuring out how and where to pay tuition and fees can be complicated. These items in the checklist will help you navigate the finances of your University of Richmond education.

  1. File the FAFSA and discuss financial aid options with the Office of Financial Aid
  2. Review SPCS scholarships to determine eligibility and submit online application — application deadlines are June 1 for fall and November 1 for spring
  3. Review your billing invoice in BannerWeb and pay in full or using a payment plan
  4. Familiarize yourself with the SPCS Withdrawal & Refund Policy
  5. Authorize direct deposit of refunds to your bank account — get your funds quickly and directly
  6. Review SPCS Tuition FAQs and contact Student Accounts at (804) 289-8147 with questions