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Summer 2023 schedule of academic classes available for viewing, registration opens March 14

March 7, 2023

The summer 2023 online schedule of SPCS academic classes is now available online for viewing and planning. Registration opens for continuing and newly admitted students on Tuesday, March 14 at 9 a.m.

For summer, we’re offering a combination of in-person, remoteonline and hybrid classes for the fall.

  • In-person classes will meet in campus classrooms as scheduled. Confirm classroom locations in BannerWeb.
  • Online classes are offered asynchronously and do not have scheduled class meetings.
  • Remote classes are offered via Zoom and have scheduled class meetings.
  • Hybrid classes will provide a combination of in-person and online instruction. Details are provided with each section; confirm classroom locations in BannerWeb.

View Classes by Delivery Mode

To view classes by one of these instructional modes, use the “Tag” drop-down menu in the search interface to select In Person, Remote, Online or Hybrid.

View Classes by Term

Summer classes are offered in several different terms. Terms vary in length from five, six, eight and 12 weeks, with class start dates on May 8, May 15 or June 20. To view classes by term, use the “Tag” drop-down menu in the search interface to select from among the following terms:

  • 6-Week I: May 8-June 17
  • 12 Week: May 8-July 29
  • 5-Week I: May 15-June 17
  • 8 Week: May 15-July 8
  • 5-Week II: Jun 20-July 22
  • 6-Week II: Jun 20-July 29

Questions about scheduling and registering should be directed to your advisor.

New Special Interest Courses

We’re offering several special interest courses this summer spring. Some of these courses may be available as electives in your program of study; check with your advisor for eligibility. Use keyword “selected topics” to search for special interest course descriptions.

  • GSCI 398U ST: Cracking the Weather Code: Concepts in Forecasting with Jim Duncan
  • HIST 398U ST: Germans in America
  • HRM 398U ST: Managing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Organizations
  • HRM 598U ST: Training, Design and Delivery in HR Practice
  • ISYS 398U ST: Advanced Cloud Computing
  • JOUR 398U ST: Sports and the Press
  • MLA 598U ST: Selected Topics in Liberal Arts