Photo of decorative weathered gate hardware

Registration now open for Summer 2023 Osher Institute classes

May 9, 2023

Registration for summer 2023 classes offered by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Richmond is now open to all members. Members can log in and register online through the Osher registration portal.

Peggy Watson, C’76, Osher Institute director, pens a letter to current and prospective Osher members in each semester’s schedule of classes. This semester, the theme of “Through Osher’s Lens” unites the classes and print schedule design and imagery.

We can all think back to our college days and reminisce fondly. However, rather than living in the past, we are excited that you, our University of Richmond Osher members, are living in the here and now – on campus and in classes. As much as we love our alma maters, we can also appreciate another school, another campus, another time in our life to teach and learn.

It’s with that thought that we chose the theme for this semester’s catalog: Through Osher’s Lens. We asked our Osher Photography Special Interest Group to take the lead by submitting photos that reflect their view of the University of Richmond, home to our Osher Institute. All the photos in this catalog are their work, and we know you’ll agree their vision and skills shine through. We are grateful for their willingness to take on this assignment and also for their extraordinary talent. Even if you’re an online-only Osher member, seeing UR through these lenses reinforces how beautiful our campus is and how fortunate we are to be a welcomed and integral part of this university.

Most of you have immersed yourselves in this college campus. You’ve attended class in many buildings, and you’ve discovered our dining venues, museums, and libraries. You’ve engaged with undergraduate students, perhaps while auditing a class, as volunteers at the book store, as host families to international students, as mentors to MBA students, and as supporters of our athletic programs (especially Women’s basketball). You’ve attended our performing arts events and often served as ushers. You’ve volunteered in myriad ways as a means of giving back to our host institution. You are known at UR, to the point that various departments reach out to us with invitations to special lectures and events.

Osher members are a wonderful component of the UR community. You change the view of this small, private, liberal arts university to make it multigenerational, engaged with the metro-Richmond community, and open to all ages.

We love your view of UR. We hope you see yourself as a part of a vibrant learning community that flourishes on the beautiful UR campus. UR through your lenses is truly something special.