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2018 Osher Annual Fund Report

The Osher Institute at the University of Richmond raised over $23,000 in its 2018 annual fund campaign, surpassing its fundraising goal of $15,000 and its participation goal of 150 donors! Thank you to our members who have supported us this year with their time, talent and treasures.

Funds raised in this annual campaign are used to support Osher programming and to create financial flexibility for special events, speakers, and need-based assistance. Funds have also helped the Osher Institute keep membership and course fees flat for the 2018-2019 fiscal year, while providing long-term stability to address any unexpected market fluctuations.

The annual fund campaign is supported in part through a capacity-building grant the Institute received from The Bernard Osher Foundation. The grant provides funds to local Osher Institutes for developing long-term sustainability and growth to ensure they remain strong and support the learning needs of their members.

Fundraising Snapshots

  • 100% of members of the Osher Leadership Council contributed.
  • Contributions have ranged from $5 to $2,500.
  • 184 Osher members contributed; 55 members are first time donors.
  • 134 Osher households contributed; 47 households are first time donors.
  • 20 first-year Osher members contributed.
  • 4 Osher members are contributing monthly recurring gifts.
  • 1 Osher member has contributed appreciated stock.
  • 1 Osher member has executed in 2018 a new planned gift for Osher.

Honor Roll of Donors

Thank you to the following donors who have contributed to Osher’s fundraising efforts to date in the 2018 calendar year. Multiple year donors are noted by an asterisk (*).

  • Anonymous
  • Steve and Colleen Anders*
  • John and Barbara Apostle
  • George and Kay Atwell*
  • Betsy Ault*
  • Lewis Avery*
  • Kathy and Steven Barley*
  • Richard Barry
  • Edith Bassett*
  • William and Sara Bateman*
  • Robert and Francis Berry*
  • Lynn and Peter Blankman
  • Ruth Blevins*
  • Carl and Marianne Booberg*
  • Polly Brickman*
  • Paul and Linda Brose*
  • Keith and Kathleen Brower*
  • Dr. Patricia Brown & Dewey Brown*
  • Edward Bruno*
  • Allen and Frona Buffenstein*
  • Harry and Linda Butler
  • George and Jane Cain*
  • Donna Callery
  • Jim and Christine Campbell
  • Bunny Caro-Justin
  • Bonnie Charles*
  • West and Betsy Cobb*
  • Levonne Cousins*
  • Mike and Teresa Cross
  • Steve Crump and Alexis Thornton-Crump*
  • Beth Cuthbert*
  • Danny DeBoer*
  • Sheryl DeLeo*
  • Tanya Dolphin*
  • Jane Dowrick & Michael Whitlow*
  • Gloria Dunham
  • William and Brenda Duttweiler*
  • Richard and Marlene Ebert*
  • Steve and Fran Ecker*
  • Earl Ellis*
  • Catherine Englishman*
  • Marshall Ervine*
  • Pam Farnham*
  • Joan Faulkner*
  • David and Elaine Fishman*
  • Donald Fleming*
  • Gabie Frazier
  • Mike Fritzsche*
  • Ken Gallaugher
  • Peter and Ann Goodman*
  • Emily Goodykoontz
  • Stuart and Gail Grandis*
  • Rob and Lisa Hafker*
  • Wayne Hall
  • Karen Hamlett
  • Terri Hartman*
  • Karen Hastings
  • Bob Heilman and Carol Valentine*
  • Richard and Ellen Hollands*
  • Eric Holzwarth and Anne Barash
  • David and Donna Howard*
  • Charlie and Anne Huffstetler*
  • Olin Hyde and Jane Baird-Hyde*
  • Thomas and Nancy Jennings*
  • Frank Jepson
  • Janice Jones
  • Harry and Barbara Kaplowitz*
  • Jeff Keil*
  • Dennis and Kay King
  • Greg and Andi Kuhn
  • George Laux
  • Tom and Barbara Lockard*
  • Jean Lum
  • John and Debbie Mahone*
  • Sandra Markham*
  • Marybeth Matthews*
  • Carol McKnight
  • John and Arlene McLaren*
  • Brian and Joyce McNeil*
  • Don and Celeste Miller*
  • Mark and Paula Miller*
  • Barry and Beverly Mintling*
  • Nancy Moser
  • Janet Murray*
  • Floyd and Priscilla Myers*
  • Jim and Bonnie Narduzzi
  • Nora Narum
  • Richard and Ellen November*
  • George and Pam Pangburn*
  • Robert Parker, Jr.
  • Bill and Mary Pawelski*
  • Ray Pettway*
  • Lee Ann and Bill Pickering*
  • Riker and Ginny Purcell*
  • Rusty Rabb
  • Carol Rauschberg*
  • Leslie and Rebecca Rose
  • Carole Royall
  • Robert and Susan Salsitz*
  • Toni Schmiegelow*
  • Suzi Schufeldt*
  • Carroll Schuller
  • Maurice Schwarz*
  • Tony Scrimizzi
  • Bill Seward*
  • Kitty Shannon*
  • Bette Shiflett*
  • Bob and Anne Shotwell
  • Ellen Shuler
  • George Siecko*
  • Brian and Donna Simpson*
  • Peter Sizemore
  • Bobby and Laura Soles
  • Marilyn Stewart
  • Ned and Linda Swartz*
  • Gregory Tait*
  • Jan Thomas
  • Ed Villanueva
  • Geoff and Joan Viol*
  • Carol Wampler*
  • Bob and Sandie Warwick
  • Peggy and Bruce Watson*
  • Bill and Anne Wescott*
  • Catherine White*
  • Richard and Nanette Whitt*
  • Robb Wieczorek*
  • Ann Williams*
  • Tim and Sue Williams*
  • Claude and Sara Wilson
  • Joy Winstead*
  • Amelia Wolfe
  • Thomas Wood
  • Landon Woody*
  • Ed and Elisabeth Wray*
  • Robert and Jill Wright*
  • Peggy Young*

Thanks also to corporate contributors Genworth Foundation and Bank of America Charitable Foundation.

Note: This list is current as of February 5, 2019. While University of Richmond Osher Lifelong Learning Institute has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this listing, we would appreciate you notifying Osher of any errors or omissions by contacting Amy Edwards, Stewardship Assistant, at or (804) 287-1946.

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