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We offer courses in several areas of study. We also offer several programs along with and online coursework. If you’re looking for a center or institute of the School, be sure to visit our centers & institutes.

Area of Focus Content Summary
Arts & Design Visual and performing arts, artistic endeavors and approaches, and artistry in design, including interior decorating.
Brewing Education Brewing and distilling beverages, especially craft beer, including production, distribution, marketing, and sales.
College & Career Preparation Preparing for college and career, including test prep for high school, post-secondary, and post-baccalaureate careers.
Communication & Writing Writing of any kind (creative, fiction, nonfiction, memoir, biography) and communication more generally, including professional, technical, field-specific, and mode-specific communications.
eMarketing Digital and online marketing, including marketing methods, channels, techniques, and technologies; includes web management for business and home.
Home-Based Business Building and operating a home or small business, including business data, planning, inventory management, production and distribution.
IT, GIS & Coding Digital networks, including organization and security; computer technologies, including hardware and software; digital information services including coding and development; and geographic information systems (GIS).
Languages & Cultural Studies Study of languages and/or cultures, including American and non-American languages, histories and cultures.
Management & Administration Managing, supervising, or administering people, processes, or activities.
Personal Finance Financial planning, personal financial well-being, and preparing for financial independence, especially relating to retirement.
Personal Wellness Health and healthy living; exercise and movement; first aid and emergency first responder skills.
Sustainability & Environment Conservation, protection and renewal of the environment, understanding biosystem relations, and sustainable building, development, and growth.
Teaching & Instruction Learning to teach, to teach more effectively, and to teach a particular audience or using particular modalities, technologies, or levels.
Test Preparation Test preparation, from college-bound high school students to graduate school testing to certification test preparation.
Youth Programs and classes designed for middle and high school students in the Richmond community.

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