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Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

Our graduate certificate in HR management (HRM) is designed for professionals who are exploring new career options in HR, HR professionals seeking professional development to expand their current knowledge, and students who want to explore graduate study or may not be ready to make a full commitment to our Master of HRM program (MHRM).

Our program covers theory, research, knowledge and procedures used by HR executives. Courses address emerging disciplines such as HR information systems and leadership theory along with globalization and workforce diversity.

With small class sizes (the average is 12-15 students) and adjunct professors who are themselves working professionals in the HR sector, our HRM classes provide opportunities to study cutting-edge theory and to apply that theory in real-world settings — sometimes even the next day at work.

MHRM and HRM graduate certificate students study together in certificate classes, providing rich opportunities to learn from peers who are currently working in the HR sector. 

Successful certificate graduates will be able to apply coursework toward the MHRM, if desired.

The graduate certificate requires 18 semester hours of graduate coursework. No transfer work is accepted into the certificate.

Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

18 semester hours


15 semester hours

HRM 531U Human Resource Management
HRM 532U Legal Issues in Human Resource Management
HRM 534U Strategic Human Resource Development
HRM 635U Managing Compensation and Benefits
HRM 657U HRM in the Global Environment


3 semester hours from the courses listed

HRM 638U HRM Leadership Theory and Application
HRM 639U Recruitment and Retention
HRM 647U Human Resource Information Systems
HRM 650U Labor Relations
HRM 696U Directed Research
HRM 697U Strategy and Policy
HRM 699U Independent Study

Review information about this and other certificate program graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information.

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