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Master of Liberal Arts Degree

Employers want to hire liberal arts graduates because they tend to be innovative and independent thinkers with strong communication and reasoning skills. As a graduate student in the liberal arts, you’ll build a valuable base of knowledge and experience to enhance your professional career and personal life.

Graduate study in the liberal arts requires an interdisciplinary focus. With each required and elective course, students apply principles from history, social sciences, literature, and other discipline-specific coursework toward solving a central focus question, developed in coordination with the program coordinator. Sample areas of inquiry include sustainable design, historical and cultural studies of gardening, and comic book design studies — areas related, directly or indirectly, to the professional experiences and aspirations of the students.

As an MLA student and graduate, you’ll be well-rounded, knowledgeable in many subjects and able to draw from that knowledge and experience to answer questions, take sides in a debate or solve a problem. And you’ll acquire an appreciation for global perspectives, traditions, lifestyles and philosophies.

The MLA requires 30 semester hours of coursework, including 15 required hours (5 classes) and 15 elective hours (5 classes), selected in consultation with the program coordinator. Students who select the MLA Concentration in Public History fulfill the electives with the Public History courses listed below.

Master's Degree

Master of Liberal Arts

Required Core

15 semester hours. All candidates must complete the following courses.

MLA 500U Methods and Themes in Liberal Studies
MLA 506U Humanities Seminar
MLA 507U Social Sciences Seminar
MLA 508U Science Seminar
MLA 599U Seminar in Liberal Arts

Required Focus

15 semester hours. All candidates must select 5 additional graduate courses in consultation with the program coordinator. A Concentration in Public History may be selected as the required focus.

MLA Concentration in Public History

PHIS 521U Introduction to Public History
PHIS 522U Managing Public History Organizations
PHIS 523U Management of Historical Collections
PHIS 524U Marketing the Past: Methods of Historical Interpretation and Communication
PHIS 575U Capstone Course

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