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Master of Nonprofit Studies

The Master of Nonprofit Studies (MNS) offers an advanced level of knowledge and leadership development for nonprofit managers, for those seeking to transition from positions in the corporate sector and for those who seek to lead or establish a nonprofit organization.

The master’s degree requires five core courses, four elective courses and an integrative seminar.

  • The core courses provide a thorough understanding of the nonprofit sector and address key aspects of nonprofit leadership and management.
  • The elective courses offer an opportunity to specialize on a focused nonprofit function, including social entrepreneurship and program evaluation combined with mission alignment.
  • The program culminates with the integrative seminar, which addresses specific critical issues facing nonprofits, often through a community-based, hands-on learning project.

Class sizes are small (the average is 12-15 students) and adjunct professors are professionals in the fields they are teaching, able to provide both theoretical knowledge and applied, practical experience in the classroom.

The MNS requires 30 hours of coursework. There is no thesis requirement. All 18 semester hours of coursework from the graduate certificate in NPS may be applied to the master’s degree.

Master of Nonprofit Studies

Master of Nonprofit Studies


15 semester hours

NPS 501U Understanding the Nonprofit Sector
NPS 520U Financial Management and Budget Development
NPS 530U Law, Ethics and Governance
NPS 540U Resource Development and Promotion
NPS 550U Strategic Human Resource Management


12 semester hours. Select from among the following courses.

NPS 562U Assessment and Program Evaluation
NPS 566U Public Policy and Advocacy
NPS 571U Social Entrepreneurship
NPS 577U Grant and Proposal Writing
NPS 598U Selected Topics
NPS 599U Independent Study

Integrative Seminar

3 semester hours

NPS 590U Integrative Seminar

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