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Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management

The U.S. Bureau of Labor predicts growth in several HR management (HRM) careers, including international human resource management and human resource information systems specialties.

Our Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies (BSPS) major in HR Management offers a strategic perspective within a regional and global context, quantitative and IT skills pertaining to HRM and a thorough understanding of the environment in which HRM operates.

With small class sizes (the average size is 12 students) and adjunct professors who are themselves working professionals in the HR sector, our HRM classes provide opportunities to study cutting-edge theory and to apply that theory in real-world settings — sometimes even the next day at work. Face-to-face, classroom-based learning experiences are valued in the program, although some classes may be offered online or as in-class/online hybrid experiences.

Depending on our career goals, you may wish to pursue more in-depth studies in minor. Our minors are focused on career-specific subject areas including information systems, emergency management and paralegal studies.

The BSPS requires 120 semester hours of coursework, including 30 hours for the major in HR Management. You may transfer up to 60 semester hours into the degree.

Course of Study
Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies (BSPS)

Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies

General Education

30 semester hours. Includes Common Seminar and Areas of Study.

Common Seminar

6 semester hours

ADED 301U Knowledge Management: Seminar Across the Disciplines I
ADED 302U Knowledge Management: Seminar Across the Disciplines II

Areas of Study

24 semester hours. At least one 3-hour course from each of the following areas:

  • History
  • Literature
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences and Cultural Studies
  • MATH 103U Finite Mathematics (or higher)
  • The Arts

General Distribution

60 semester hours. Coursework selected from across the curriculum. Minors may be drawn from this area. Foundation Coursework applies toward General Distribution.

Foundation Coursework

The student’s placement test score, along with advising recommendations, will determine the pathway of foundation courses before other required coursework.

ENGL 101U Strategic Reading and Writing
ENGL 201U Critical Writing and Research I
ENGL 202U Critical Writing and Research II
MATH 103U Finite Mathematics


30 semester hours. Select from Human Resource Management, Information Security, IT Management or Paralegal Studies.

Major in HR Management

Undergraduate Major in Human Resource Management

The major in Human Resource Management is available for the Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies (BSPS).

Professional Core

9 semester hours

LDSP 368U Leadership in the Global Environment
HUM 300U Applied Ethics
MATH 265U Applied Statistics

Required Core

6 semester hours

HRM 343U Human Resource Management
HRM 499U Senior Seminar in HRM

Focus Courses

15 semester hours selected from the following courses

HRM 345U Human Resource Development
HRM 388U Internship
HRM 398U Selected Topics
PSYC 327U Organizational Psychology
HRM 452U Quality Management
HRM 454U Compensation and Benefits
HRM 460U HR and Technology
HRM 467U International Human Resource Management
HRM 496U Directed Research
HRM 498U Selected Topics
LAW 322U Employment Law and Policy
CLAC 250U Spanish: Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum

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