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Social Justice Education 101

A Primer for K-12 Classroom Teachers • CANCELLED for Summer 2018

This two-day workshop is designed for classroom teachers interested in a primer on social justice education. Social, political and economic inequality are considered through the lens of institutional power, socialization and oppression, as opposed to the consequences of behavior problems and cultural misunderstandings.

Understanding inequality in systemic terms, participants will accomplish the following:

  • Unpack terms such as “culturally sustaining pedagogy”
  • Rethink the ways in which the problems of inequality are normalized as everyday practices
  • Identify opportunities and concrete steps for creating more equitable classroom environments
  • Explore social justice curriculum and resources
  • Experience and model social justice lessons

The workship is suitable for all K-12 practitioners.

Recertification Options

20 recertification points: Participants in the two-day workshop will earn 20 recertification points based on hours of participation in the workshop and preliminary reading assignments.

90 recertification points: Participants may enroll (for an added cost) in a three semester-hour graduate online course option that includes the two-day workshop and adds a week-long follow-up graduate course of study. The three-credit graduate course will earn 90 recertification points.


Tamara Sober, PhD, is a faculty member in Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Education and teaches in the Center for Teacher Leadership’s Richmond Teacher Residency program. Dr. Sober has over 20 years of experience in teacher advocacy and teacher leadership at the local, state and national level. Her scholarship includes social justice education, critical economics for the social studies classroom, and teacher agency. Her passion: recruiting, teaching, supporting and advocating for teachers. Dr. Sober has written Teaching Economics As If People Mattered, a comphrensive curriculum guide to the new economy. Dr. Sober will lead the two-day workshop.

Dr. Deborah Napoli has 16 years of teaching and leadership experience at the K-12 level, working with students and families representing a wide variety of social and ethnic backgrounds as well as language and learning abilities. Dr. Napoli’s academic career focuses on empowering teachers through personal efficacy and agency to strengthen and preserve democratic education in our society. She currently serves as the Director of Field Experience for the University of Richmond’s Education Department, working with teacher-candidates as they collaborate with experienced teachers and their students in K-12 classrooms across the region. Dr. Napoli will teach the graduate course.


  • Register for the two-day workshop only (without graduate credit) through our noncredit online registration system. Separate account creation is required.
  • Register for the graduate course, which includes the two-day workshop, through our credit-earning professional development registration system. Separate account creation is required.

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