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Brewing Foundations Series

Introduce yourself to the many aspects of craft brewing!

The Brewing Foundations Series is designed to provide professional education and experiences through enjoyable, straightforward and uncomplicated approaches. These courses will provide students the opportunity to learn key brewing processes and build foundational knowledge in various aspects of the brewing industry.

The series features a rotating selection of introductory classes. Examples include:

  • Brewing 101
  • Barrels 101
  • Introduction to Mead Making 

Available Courses

Courses offered vary by semester. The Brewing Education course listing in our online catalog displays current and future programs. Descriptions for existing classes are available by following the links below.

Brewing 101

Brewing 101 The Brewing 101 class runs through the professional brewing process, covering terminology used on production brew sheets and in brew houses. Students will learn the fundamental backbone to brewing process and essential ingredients.

Barrels 101

Brewing 101 image The Barrels 101 class provides an in-depth look at using oak barrels in the brewing process. Students will examine barrel parts and discover how oak effects beer flavor. The course also covers the processes of filling and emptying barrels, aging techniques and care for barrels and the beers within.

Introduction to Mead Making

Intro to Mead image The Introduction to Mead Making class provides a thorough overview of mead, including its origins, history and types of mead. Students will examine ingredients, focus on honey and bees, and learn about the fermentation process.

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