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Service Awards

In 2013, the School collaborated with donors to recognize outstanding service of three graduating students to the School, to the University and to the community.

Jean H. Proffitt Student Service Award

Established in 1996 by the School of Continuing Studies and the SCS Student Government Association, this award is presented to a graduating senior recognized by his/her peers for outstanding service to the School of Professional and Continuing Studies community. The award is given in honor of the service exemplified by long-time University College and SCS staff member Jean H. Proffitt, C’83.

  • 2019: Tyler Plantier
  • 2018: Kimberley Payne
  • 2017: Mark Gan
  • 2016: Tracey Taylor
  • 2015: Chris S. Hall
  • 2014: George B. Seicko
  • 2013: John E. Butt
  • 2012: Martha Pittaway, James Nickerson
  • 2011: Trishawnna Murray
  • 2010: Christopher C. Riddick
  • 2009: Brenda Ann Neckvatal
  • 2008: Francine A. Reynolds
  • 2007: Dianne Foster St. John
  • 2006: Marla Horsley
  • 2005: Phil J. Edris
  • 2004: Susan M. Hopfensperger, Susan D. Murphy
  • 2003: Linda Greco Koch
  • 2002: Jarita Taylor Fife
  • 2001: Annette Lynn Ardler
  • 2000: Bonnie Jean Davies
  • 1999: Marcia Pitts Englert
  • 1998: Donna Lee Wallain
  • 1997: Vanessa Laverne Wilson
  • 1996: Gilbert Franklin Logan, III

In 2013, this award was revised to recognize service to SPCS. The award was originally established to recognize service to the University community and/or the community at large.

Colonel (USA, Ret.) Porcher L. Taylor, Jr., Ph.D. Book Award for Community Leadership

Established in 2006, this award honors Dr. Porcher L. Taylor, Jr. and the servant leadership he has exemplified his entire life. Dr. Taylor, a Tuskegee Airman, Inc., served in World War II, Vietnam and the Korean Wars. Dr. Taylor also served as Vice President for Student Affairs at Virginia State University and has spent his entire life involving himself in civic, charitable, educational and religious activities and causes and serving as a role model for youth. This award is given to a graduating student who has provided leadership and involvement in the community.

  • 2019: Justin Bartlett
  • 2018: David Kern
  • 2017: Lisa Cheney
  • 2016: Teresa Cole
  • 2015: Lukas Toth
  • 2014: Eric S. Cash
  • 2013: Donald Knight
  • 2010: Rebecca L. Siceloff
  • 2009: Aleta Michelle Fonville
  • 2008: Joseph R. Hill, Courtney P. Kendrick
  • 2007: Clifford Middlebrook Jr.
  • 2006: Marla R. Horsley

In 2013, this award was revised to recognize service to the community, including leadership. The award was originally established to recognize leadership.

Taylor Kie Cousins Award in Recognition of Outstanding Service to the University Community

Established in 2007, this award is given to a graduating student who exemplifies outstanding service and leadership to the University community. This award is in memory of Adjunct Professor Emeritus Taylor Cousins’ service and commitment to the School of Professional and Continuing Studies as a teacher and in recognition of his involvement in service to the community.

  • 2019: Sheri Blume
  • 2018: Christopher Dilworth
  • 2017: Jim Kochany
  • 2016: Ginger Clore
  • 2015: Elizabeth “Beth Ann” Howard
  • 2014: Russell O. Hunter
  • 2013: Michelle Ruth Edgell
  • 2012: James Nickerson
  • 2011: Ivy Bullock
  • 2010: Christopher C. Riddick
  • 2009: Carleen L. Harris
  • 2008: Francine A. Reynolds
  • 2007: Joy D. Edwards

In 2013, this award was revised to recognize service to the University community. The award was originally established to recognize service to the School’s student government association.

Additional Honors & Awards

The School recognizes excellence in additional areas, including research, scholarship and examination results.

Elizabeth Spindler Scott Book Scholarship Award

Given by her children, her friends and her students, this award is presented to honor long-time adjunct professor Betty Scott and promote a scholarly interest in books, the development of personal libraries, and encourage undergraduate students to accumulate collections pertaining to some particular area of interest. Student collections are eligible for the award during a student's last year of study leading to a bachelor's degree.

  • 2019: Sarah Petty
  • 2018: Thomas Dever
  • 2017: Jen Ferlmann
  • 2016: Melissa Ann Hill
  • 2015: Matthew Hibbs
  • 2014: Kathrina M. Slavey
  • 2013: Ryan O’Rourke
  • 2012: Margaret Dalton
  • 2011: Jeanette Ruiz
  • 2010: Susan W. Anderson
  • 2009: Vincent C. West
  • 2008: Betty J. Ownsbey, Johanna C. Merritt
  • 2007: Margaret Hofheimer Lewis
  • 2006: Jennifer Brown

Stratton and Peggy Almond Memorial Book Scholarship Award

Established this year, this award is presented annually to recognize a rising senior who has demonstrated academic success in the Weekend College program. The award shall be used to purchase books during the student’s final year of study at the School of Professional & Continuing Studies.

  • 2019: Christine McCoy, Kelly Davis
  • 2018: Kelly Davis, Joann Clack
  • 2017: Shayla Herbert, Debbie Everhart
  • 2016: James Kochany, Tammy Gressly
  • 2015: Gloria Sadowski, Matthew Hibbs, Jeremy DaCosta
  • 2014: Lynn Gaither, Jaclyn McConnell, Nina Wise
  • 2013: Sarita D. Baker
  • 2012: Christine Charley, Karen Hardy
  • 2011: Martha Pittaway, Amanda McKenzie
  • 2010: Kathryn DiPasqua, Heather M. Cassady, Jerry A. Stire
  • 2009: Thomas G. Barth, Alaké D. Hinton, Crystal H. Jones
  • 2008: Gregory C. Pulver, Larry V. Dumlao, Patricia D. White

Joanita Senoga Bbaale Book Award

Established in 2006, this award is given to the student with the highest undergraduate grade point average whose native language is not English. This award is named in honor of Joanita Senoga Bbaale. Ms. Bbaale, a refugee from Uganda, has overcome many hardships to earn her degree, including escaping persecution in her native land and then struggling to bring her family to the United States. Ms. Bbaale worked three simultaneous part-time jobs and raised a family all while attending classes full time.

  • 2019: Nadia Fedoruk
  • 2018: Maria Diaz
  • 2017: Jordanka Kida
  • 2016: Anamaria Scozzaro
  • 2014: Maria B. Mokrzycka
  • 2013: Delila Fazlic
  • 2010: Gladys S. Shanklin
  • 2009: Veronica Franco-Aguilar
  • 2008: Tatsiana S. Sauneva
  • 2007: Roberto Ricardo Marinho Riitano
  • 2006: Joanita Senoga Bbaale

Education Department Distinction Awards

These awards are given to Master of Education candidates who pass with distinction their comprehensive examination. These are awarded, as applicable, in the Curriculum & Instruction program and the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies program.

  • 2019: Jean Baker, Catherine Dillingham, Gregory Goujon, Valerie Mooney, Ashley Pride, Beverley Steele
  • 2018: Maria Bartz, Sara Blackburn, Shelley Burns, Colleen Connolly, Ben Court, George Fohl, Tracey Horvath, Toni Kilpatrick, Kadie Parsley, Rebecca Rose, Sonya Smith, Elisa Tedona
  • 2017: Jenny Andrews, Mary Beth Johnson, Lizzy Marchant, Sharon Middleton, Anna Hawkins, Cynthia Patey, Tatiana Sumrell, Courtney Swink
  • 2016: Teresa Cole, Sarah Barber-Patel, Mindy Guyer, Missy Hill, Nicole Hood, Sara Luckert, Lisa Micou, Andrew Perego, Ashley Reyher, Paige Smith
  • 2015: Ashley Wilson, Grace Creasey, Jennifer Rhoden, Angela Stewart, Brooke Thompson
  • 2014: Alison Ballard, Sarah Bottorff, Meghan Burgwyn, Michael Jarvis, Christina Neiswander, Brandon Poburka, Scott Rowe, Brittany Throckmorton
  • 2013: Thomas Bishop, Sarah Hyslop, Jillian Mortimer, Melanie Phillips, Tracy Smith, Lauren Taylor, Caroline LaGow Walker, Collin Wilson
  • 2012: Ashley Austin, Stephanie Norris, Katherine Peehler, Nora O. Wheeler
  • 2011: Catherine Jackson, Brian Keiper, Elisha Magorian, Anne Starling, Christina D’Angelo, Emily Turner, Auburn N. Nabors 

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