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The OWL is here! Your personal writing tutor:

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a free University of Richmond service offered exclusively to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate SPCS students, and also to the University's faculty, and staff. Papers of all types and disciplines can be sent via e-mail ( to a professional writing tutor for assistance at any hour of the day or night. Papers are returned by e-mail to your UR account in approximately 48 hours or less with feedback that's designed to help improve your writing.

Papers (each assignment) will be reviewed only once to avoid student dependence on a tutor.

When sending papers, writers should always include their professor’s instructions for each assignment and the style of documentation expected. Short reports will be sent to any professor if the writer so requests and includes that professor’s name/preferred e-mail address when sending the paper. Papers must be sent from your UR account as an MS Word document of less than 10 MB with any charts, graphs, or visuals removed. If a delay is expected, you will be notified as soon as possible by return e-mail.

Please note that the OWL is NOT a “fix-it” shop. Writers are expected to take responsibility for their own writing, but explanations as to how and why changes might improve the paper will be offered; it’s up to individual writers to decide whether to make suggested changes or to keep things as they are. The OWL is also not a proofreading or editing service; however, tips are available to assist writers with those issues. 

Questions are always welcome and answered promptly. If you don’t have a paper, but have a question about a paper, or a question about writing in general, you are welcome to use the OWL’s e-mail ( in that manner. The OWL does experience heavy use during certain times of the semester. Feel free to inquire about possible delays or to request a list of anticipated closures during each current semester.