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Beer Brewing Education Program

The University of Richmond School of Professional & Continuing Studies, in collaboration with community partners around the state of Virginia, offers a professional beer brewing program for those interested in entering and advancing in the growing craft beer industry.

Beer Brewer Professional Certificate

The Beer Brewer Professional Certificate program guides students through the entire craft brewing business, from procuring high quality ingredients and raw materials through the proper handling, processing, packaging and distribution of the final product.

The program highlights local, sustainable practices by partnering with regional suppliers, breweries and distributors. Students who complete the certificate program will be well prepared to enter the craft brewing industry in a variety of roles.

We launched the original Beer Brewer Professional Certificate in the Richmond region, where it continues to thrive. The certificate program’s success among brewing partners, students and graduates in Richmond attracted the attention of brewing professionals across the state.

As a result, the University of Richmond and Virginia Tech have joined forces to offer the Beer Brewing Professional Certificate in Roanoke and Northern Virginia through the Virginia Tech Center for Organizational & Technological Advancement.

Coronavirus Pandemic-Related Update

Current programs in Richmond and Roanoke will continue online for the foreseeable future. Required hands-on, in-person activities will be scheduled when and where safe to do so.

The Spring 2020 Richmond cohort will postpone its launch until August 3, 2020. The program will launch entirely online. When safe and practical, required hands-on activities will be scheduled.

The 2020 Northern Virginia cohort will launch on August 3, 2020. The program will launch entirely online. When safe and practical, required hands-on activities will be scheduled.

The Fall 2020 Richmond cohort will launch October 5, 2020. The program will launch entirely online. When safe and practical, required hands-on activities will be scheduled.

The 2021 Roanoke cohort will launch in February 2021, exact date TBA. The program is scheduled to launch in person, but that decision will adjust as appropriate to conditions to ensure the safety of all participants.

Richmond program

Richmond: Coursework for the Richmond-area Beer Brewer Professional Certificate is offered on the University of Richmond campus and in Richmond-area brewing partner facilities.

Roanoke program

Roanoke: Coursework for the Roanoke-area Beer Brewer Professional Certificate is offered at the Virginia Tech Roanoke Center and in Roanoke-area brewing partner facilities.

NoVA program

Northern Virginia: Coursework for the Northern Virginia Beer Brewer Professional Certificate is offered in the Falls Church area and in NoVA brewing partner facilities. 

Notable Program Details

Education Provider for Virginia Registered Apprenticeships

DOLI logoThe curriculum for the Beer Brewer Professional Certificate is approved for Related Technical Instruction (RTI) in a Virginia Registered Apprenticeship (RA). Ours is the first program in the U.S. approved as a provider of RTI in support of the craft beer brewing industry. Contact a Virginia Department of Labor & Industry (DOLI) local RA Consultant for details.

Member of the Brewing Education Roundtable 

Brewers Association logoThe UR Brewer Education program is a member of the Brewers Association Brewing Education Roundtable, which held a summit in May 2019. The Roundtable Summit gathered the top names in brewing education to discuss the future of brewing education and possible collaborative efforts. Ours was the only professional noncredit brewing education program invited to participate.

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