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SPCS Alumni Association

Alumni — whether you call yourself a graduate of a degree or academic certificate program from the School of Professional and Continuing Studies, the School of Continuing Studies or University College — you are the pride and joy of the School.

We brag on you and your accomplishments whenever we have the opportunity to do so, and we expect excellence, achievement and engagement as you take your degree into your personal and professional worlds.

We welcome you to continue your engagment with alma mater and encourage your participation in the SPCS Alumni Association. The Alumni Association’s mission is to encourage alumni participation that benefits students and the University of Richmond by promoting scholarship and providing opportunities for service and fellowship.

Message from Dr. Jamelle S. Wilson, Dean

Photo of Jamelle Wilson

As I join the Spider family as dean, I find myself listening carefully to the stories our faculty, staff, students and alumni tell about what the School of Professional and Continuing Studies means to them. Those stories — YOUR stories — tell of meeting head-on the challenges of going to school while raising families, caring for loved ones, holding down jobs, and being engaged in the life of the University. More importantly, your stories tell of success, of graduating and continuing your role as influential members of the personal and professional communities to which you belong. Your stories inspire me, and they remind me of the reason I do what I do.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the School. It’s a great time to be part of the SPCS family, and I look forward to working with you in the months and years ahead. I hope to see you on campus for an SPCS-sponsored event, attending a class or cheering on the Spiders at an athletic competition.

As UR alumni and SPCS graduates, you are already members of the SPCS Alumni Association. I encourage you to actively engage with your alumni association by getting to know the association board members, participating in University activities designed for alumni like Homecoming and Reunions, and joining in the activities planned by the association for SPCS alumni, like the Golf Tournament and other events to continue funding our SPCS scholarships.

Best wishes for continued success.
Jamelle S. Wilson, Dean

Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Alumni Association Board meets monthly. Meetings are open to SPCS alumni.


President: Eric Beatty, ’01, GC’12

Vice President: Robert Reed, C’13

Secretary: Margaret A. Dalton, C’12

Treasurer: Robert Plymale, C’02, C’13

Past President: Sylvia Britt, C’05


Terms expiring May 14, 2019

  • Annette “Nettie” Ardler, C’01
  • Barbara Barlow, C’08, GC’16
  • Duan Hobbs, C’13
  • Priscilla Winkler, C’12

Terms expiring May 14, 2018

  • Sandy Beniot, C’16
  • Tara Bristol, GC’12
  • Margaret A. Dalton, C’12
  • Ronique Day, C’08
  • Michelle Edgell, C’13, GC’16
  • Tammy Fox, C’13
  • Dina Hagerich, GC’10
  • Ralph Hutton, GC’10
  • Jason Martin, C’13
  • Robert Reed, C’13
  • Karen Smith-Will, C’98

Terms expiring May 14, 2017:

  • Eric Beatty, ’01, GC’12
  • Mary Katherine (Kitty) Bice, ACP, C’02
  • Sylvia Britt, C’05
  • Tracie Evans, C’10
  • Greg Mays, C’14
  • Jennifer E. Napier, C’12
  • Nancy Williams, C’12

Jamelle Wilson, Dean, SPCS

Board Members Emeriti
  • Valerie Agnew, C’96, G’05
  • Lynn Bailes, C’99, C’03
  • Eleanor Boens, C’00, C’01
  • Walter Calvin, C’96, C’99
  • Alice K. Campbell, C’01
  • Tracy M. Cauthorn, C’09, GC’14
  • Catherine (Cathy) W. Eagles, ACP, C’00
  • Mary Ramsey Evans, C’02, G’06
  • Belinda Gilbert, C’95, C’96
  • Frank Harris, C’77
  • Connie Harvey, C’95, GC’04
  • Tim Hill, C’67
  • Shirley Hinkson, C’93
  • Joy D. Edwards Holloway, C’07
  • Cindy M. Johnson, C’02
  • Bob Jones, C’74
  • Barbara Kessler, C’06
  • Lin Koch, C’03
  • William Kuehl Jr., C’73
  • Howard C. Lee III, C’07
  • Carolyn Martin, C’86
  • James Morgan, C’06
  • Sue Murphy, C’02, C’04
  • Catherine Outland, C’71
  • Brenda Pomfrey, C’93, G’03
  • Jean Proffitt, C’83
  • Chris Riddick, C’10
  • Dianne St. John, C’07
  • Martha Saunders, C’87, C’88
  • Barbara Shavelson, C’98
  • Robert Staples, C’72
  • Gay Stokes, C’02
  • Cassandra Taylor-Anderson, C’07, GC’10
  • Charlie Trible, C’68, L’71
  • Sherry Trossbach-Bullock, C’96
  • Rick Vines, C’10
  • Terri Weaver, C’07
  • Linda R. Whitaker, C’07

SPCS Alumni Association
Board of Directors — Officers

Eric Beatty, ’01, GC’12

Robert Reed, C’13
Vice President

Margaret A. Dalton, C’12

Robert Plymale, C’02, C’13

Sylvia Britt, C’05
Past President 

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