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At the University of Richmond School of Professional & Continuing Studies, we understand that adult students and working professionals lead busy lives with little time to return to school.


That’s why we offer undergraduate and graduate certificate classes during evenings along with a selection of online and hybrid classes each semester. It’s also why we offer inexpensive and convenient parking in well-lit lots near classroom buildings.


We also understand that the cost of returning to school is an important part of your decision.

We keep our our tuition rates competitive, comparable to many state institutions, making our programs affordable for working adults. Undergraduate tuition is just $575 (undergraduate) or $721 (graduate) per semester hour* with no hidden activities or technology fees (review annual cost of attendance). And since certificates require fewer classes, they cost less and take less time than completing a degree.

We offer the following academic certificates at undergraduate and graduate levels:

Undergraduate Certificates

Our undergraduate certificates require an earned bachelor’s degree for admission.

Graduate Certificates

Our graduate certificates require an earned bachelor’s or master’s degree for admission.

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Your degree on your terms

calendar iconThe University of Richmond combines the resources of a private liberal arts college with the scheduling needs of working professionals. In-person classes are scheduled in the evenings on the University of Richmond campus, located conveniently in Richmond’s near West End with ample parking and all-night library access. Online and hybrid classes can take advantage of distance support from across campus while studying.

Workplace Relevant

transfer iconOur classes are normally taught by adjuncts, and that’s no accident. Our professors are experienced professionals in their fields who also have earned academic and teaching credentials. They practice at their workplaces what they teach in their classrooms. As a result, our classes combine theory with real-world experience to provide you a practical education that’s immediately applicable to your workplace.

For less than expected

payment iconOur degree programs offer you the personalized attention and small classes size of a private university at a price that compares favorably with a public education. Our tuition rates are $575* per undergraduate and $721* per graduate credit hour. Scholarships are available and our degrees qualify for financial aid. Parking for on-campus programs costs $70/year. We don’t charge add-on fees.

*Based on 2023-24 rates. Review annual cost of attendance (COA) for SPCS degree-seeking students.

Career services for life

career services iconLike education, we consider career planning to be a lifelong pursuit. We provide students with a comprehensive approach to career development by facilitating their education, preparation, and connection to alumni and employers, all of which empowers them to achieve their professional goals. And it doesn’t stop when you graduate — our alumni have access to Career Services for life.