Admissions & Registration

There is no admission procedure that applies to the School of Professional & Continuing Studies (SPCS) as a whole. Depending on the program, students may need to apply for admission. Other programs only require registration or a simple application form.

Degree-Seeking Admissions

Admissions for students seeking a degree through SPCS applies to students seeking any of our academic certificates along with our bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Students who wish to take degree program courses for professional development may apply as non-degree seeking students.

SPCS admits degree-seeking students for spring, summer and fall terms.

Noncredit Admissions

Our noncredit classes do not require admission. For individual courses, simply register online. Some personal and professional certificate programs may require a short application, typically completed near the conclusion of studies.

Summer School Admissions

Summer School registration for continuing University of Richmond students is open without admission requirements. Other students should review admissions requirements.

Osher Institute

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is a membership-based organization. Some Osher classes are open to the public, but many require Osher membership.

Professional & Continuing Studies

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