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Mission and Values

We enrich lives and careers.

We do this by opening our students’ minds to new ways of thinking and living, fostering a lifelong thirst for personal and professional growth and offering ongoing support to students and alumni through the development of their careers. We deliver exceptional educational programs; engage passionate faculty and staff; and provide world-class support services.

We operate following these core values.

Responsive. We ensure timely follow-up to suggestions, problems and concerns. We understand that reacting quickly and positively on all levels is critical to our success and the success of our students. We are committed to being responsive to the larger community, competition, trends in education and the needs of our students, staff, alumni and the wider University community.

Caring. We care about the success of our students and the quality of their educational experience. We’re committed to doing whatever it takes to support our clients and each other. We treat others as we want to be treated by exhibiting respect, empathy, concern and patience in all our interactions. We are attentive to our customers and strive to deliver world-class customer service.

Collaborative. We work together with all our constituencies to ensure an educational experience unlike any other. Each individual’s success hinges on the success of everyone else in our organization, so we work together. Our collaborative work environment leads us to be cooperative, collegial, engaging and supportive. We listen, problem share and problem solve in all of our affairs.

Learning. We're committed to always learning — about our students and their needs, about new trends in education, about the communities in which we operate and about each other. We're an organization that's data and technology driven. We solicit formal and informal feedback from our constituencies. This helps us make educated decisions, allowing us to quickly adapt to changing environments. We also utilize available technology to enhance the personal performance of our associates and the educational experience of our students.

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Special Programs Building
28 Westhampton Way
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Phone: (804) 289-8133
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