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Germany: Educational Leadership in a Global Context

July 24-31, 2018

The hybrid study abroad program offers students a global perspective on leadership in K-12 education. The program examines leadership and practice around equity and reform in K-12 education contexts in the United States and other countries. The program includes a comparative analysis of how migration has influenced K-12 educational systems in the United States and Germany, along with other nations.

The program explores the ways leadership in governments, educational systems and education related non-profit organizations addresses immigration, specifically related to educational equity through policy and practice.

The program is open to undergraduate and graduate University of Richmond students interested in a global comparison of K-12 education and education-related issues.

Classroom Instruction + Study Abroad

The program unfolds in three sections:

  1. Three synchronous class meetings, in-person or at a distance, prior to the trip abroad
  2. Eight-day travel to, in and from PH-Ludwigsburg University and Stuttgart, Germany
  3. Final synchronous class meeting, in-person or at a distance, following the trip abroad

Tentative Schedule

  • May-June: A minimum of three meetings on UR campus/by video to discuss material and interact with faculty from PH-Ludwigsburg University
  • July 24: Depart U.S
  • July 25: Arrive Stuttgart
  • July 26: Meetings with education officials and education-related non-profits
  • July 27-29: PH-Ludwigsburg University meetings, lectures, and social gatherings
  • July 30: Cultural trip outside of Stuttgart
  • July 31: Depart for U.S.
  • Early August: Meeting on campus, final project due

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Interested applicants should contact Cheryl Genovese, Summer Studies Manager, to request access to the application portal. Once access is enabled, applicants may complete the Gateway Abroad application online.

  1. Select the Apply Now button/link
  2. Log into the system using your UR netID and password
  3. Complete the online application and select your program

Applicants must request access to the application portal before starting the Gateway Abroad application. 


University of Richmond particpants will enroll in the following classes, depending on School affiliation:

  • EDUC 598U ST: Educational Leadership in a Global Context (3 semester hours, SPCS graduate students only)
  • EDUC 398 ST: Educational Leadership in a Global Context (1 unit, A&S, Business and Leadership Studies undergraduate students only)

Course Objective

To expose students to a global perspective on the importance of leadership associated with K-12 education. The course will offer an examination of leadership and practice in the United States and other countries regarding equity and reform in K-12 educational systems. A specific focus of the course will involve a comparative analysis of how migration has influenced K-12 educational systems in the United States and Germany (and other nations). The course will explore the ways leadership in governments, educational systems, and education-related nonprofit organizations addresses immigration, specifically related to educational equity through policy and practice.

The course will have two components: 1) four meetings during the summer during which students will learn and discuss concepts and ideas related to the course objectives, and 2) travel to PH-Ludwigsburg University and Stuttgart, Germany.

Hybrid UR/Germany Learning Experience

Summer class sessions will be held on the University of Richmond’s campus and taught by Dr. Tom Shields, Chair and Associate Professor in Graduate Education, and Dr. Kate Cassada, Assistant Professor and Assistant Chair of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

These meetings will feature video interaction with faculty from PH-Ludwigsburg University, as well as readings, assignments, and collaborative activities to learn about the subject material and to prepare for the travel component of the course.

Students unable to attend the on-campus meetings will have an opportunity to interact by video and other technology feeds.

During the travel component, students will experience lectures and dialogue with faculty associated with the International Education Management (INEMA) Study Program, which is delivered through the Department of International Educational Leadership and Management at PH-Ludwigsburg University, Germany.

Students will also have the ability to socialize and interact academically with the international students enrolled in INEMA. These students are from Germany and Egypt and are leaders in education and education-related nonprofits in their respective countries.

What's Included

In addition to the time spent at PH-Ludwigsburg University, students will have the opportunity to visit with education officials, policy makers, and education-related non-profit leaders in the Baden-Wurttëmberg state of Germany. These opportunities will allow students to hear from leaders directly and to learn how their organizations are addressing some of the challenges associated with migration, equity and other education-related issues.

  • 1 unit or 3 semester hours of course credit, depending on School affiliation and level
What's Not Included
  • Round-trip airfare to and from Stuttgart, Germany (STR)
  • Required textbooks
  • Daily lunch and dinner
Activities & Excursions

During the travel component, there will also be excursions in and around Stuttgart. These types of activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Walking tour of downtown Stuttgart and the Schlossplatz. Built in the 18th Century, the castle and its gardens remain the meeting for locals and visitors. It is surrounded by narrow walkways filled with cafés, shops, and stores.
  • Visitation to the Mercedes-Benz or Porsche museums. Stuttgart is home to headquarters for Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.
  • Tour of the Residential Palace in Ludwigsburg and the surrounding gardens. The Bluhendes Barock (gardens) are some of the most extensive in southern Germany.
  • Visit to the Marketplatz in Ludwigsburg, which is the town center and has a baroque church, shops, beer garden, and other cultural and social opportunities.
  • Tour Esslingen, a beautifully preserved city with a former monastery, castle, and medieval markets. Over 1,200 years old, Esslingen boasts excellent examples of classic German architecture, cobblestone streets, canals, and vineyards.
Application Timeline & Fees

Application & Deposit: $300 nonrefundable deposit with application

  • Application Deadline: March 16, 2018
  • 1st Payment: April 1
  • Final Payment: April 16

Cost: Approximately $2,850 (not including round-trip airfare to/from Stuttgart)

Submit payments in the Student Accounts office (payable to University of Richmond, designated Germany - Education Study Abroad).

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