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Fee Breakdown for Summer Study Abroad

As payment schedules differ by program, please follow the payment timeline posted in the Timeline and Fees section of each program.

First and second payments should be made directly to the Student Accounts Office (payable to University of Richmond with country in memo line) or online via BannerWeb for current students.

Scholarships: UR students are eligible to apply for the Holt Summer Study Abroad Scholarship. Selected recipients will receive approximately $2,000 toward the cost of an approved UR Summer Study Abroad program. (Note: The Denmark program is not eligible for this scholarship.)

Additional details will be added as fees and payment schedules are set. Deposit is due with application on the extended deadline of February 23; 1st payment due March 16; final payment due April 16. Note: The educational leadership in Germany program has an application deadline of March 16 and a 1st payment deadline of April 1.

Location Total Deposit 1st Payment Final Payment
Argentina $6,600 $300 $3,150 $3,150
Australia $6,200 $300 $2,950 $2,950
Czech Republic $5,950 $300 $2,825 $2,825
Denmark CANCELLED $6,800 $300 $3,250 $3,250
England (London - Arts) CANCELLED $6,100 $300 $2,900 $2,900
France $6,350 $300 $3,025 $3,025
Germany $6,400 $300 $3,050 $3,050
Germany (Educational Leadership in Stuttgart) $2,850 $300 $1,275 $1,275
Italy $6,150 $300 $2,925 $2,925
Japan $6,600 $300 $3,150 $3,150
Morocco $5,900 $300 $2,800 $2,800
Russia (St. Petersburg) $6,200 $1,700* $2,250 $2,250
Spain (Academics & Atheletics in Seville) $5,850 $300 $2,775 $2,775
Spain (Seville) $6,450  $300 $3,075 $3,075

Russia deposit breakdown: $300 UR non-refundable deposit; $1,400 non-refundable roundtrip airfare

Refund Policy

The following policies govern payments and refunds for Summer Study AbroadSummer Internship Abroad, and Summer International Service Learning programs.

Important Notice: If someone other than you [the student] will be paying for the Summer Study Abroad or Summer Internship Abroad program, be sure to discuss your commitment and this refund policy with the other party before signing agreements in Gateway Abroad.

  1. The deposit is not refundable under any circumstances after a student's application has been accepted. If the University is unable to accept an application, it will refund all payments.
  2. If I withdraw from the Program by notifying the University in writing on or before March 1, the University will refund all fees paid, except the deposit.
  3. If I withdraw from the Program for medical reasons before April 1, and provide evidence of medical necessity from a physician, the University will refund all fees paid, except $300. If I replace myself with another student acceptable to the University, the University will refund an additional $150.
  4. If I withdraw from the Program for nonmedical reasons after March 1, but before April 1, the University will refund all fees paid, except the deposit, but only if I am able to replace myself with another student acceptable to the University.
  5. If a Program is cancelled, or if in the sole judgment of the University, a Program has been so radically changed in itinerary or curriculum that it would be unfair to require students to participate and a student elects in writing to withdraw from the Program, the University will refund all fees paid. Under these circumstances, the University will have no additional responsibility or liability to the student or his parents or guardian.
  6. After April 1, no refunds of fees will be made for any reason.

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