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Summer School for College Students

Take a class to two to get ahead at your home college or university.

Summer is a great time to get a couple of required courses out of the way. If you’re a Richmonder home from college for the summer, consider completing some of those courses at UR’s Summer School.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider us:

  • Our courses are priced competitively — $530* per semester hour for undergraduate 3-hour and 3.5-hour (1 unit) classes.
  • University of Richmond is a top-ranked liberal arts university with academic facilities and campus architecture to match.
  • Our faculty are top-notch, and we maintain a 9:1 faculty to student ratio.
  • Our classes are offered in convenient five-, six- and eight-week terms.

To apply, complete and submit our Application/Registration form. No online application process. No sending transcripts. No application fee. No placement tests. Just a simple paper form with payment.

Check out our schedule of classes to find classes that will work for you!

Note: Housing is not available for non-UR students.

* Based on summer 2020 tuition rates.

Contact Us

Office of Summer Studies
Professional & Continuing Studies
Special Programs Building
490 Westhampton Way
Univ. of Richmond, VA 23173

Phone: (804) 289-8133
Fax: (804) 289-8138

Monday-Friday: 8:30am–5pm
Closed for University holidays