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Costs & Paying for an Internship Abroad

University of Richmond summer internships abroad are eligible for UR Summer Fellowship including Weinstein Summer Grant funding for travel expenses. The maximum award for Weinstein Summer Grants is $3,500, while the maximum award for UR Summer Fellowships is $4,000.

Funding Application Process

Awards may be combined following these guidelines: Internships that are both outside of the U.S. AND outside of your home country are eligible for UR Summer Fellowship funding including Weinstein Summer Grant support for travel expenses. In order to be eligible, you must submit both a UR Summer Fellowship application to one of the 4 internship funding programs and to the Weinstein Summer Grant program. Weinstein Grants are awarded on a merit basis.

Each award requires a separate application. Application deadlines for both awards appear below, along with general application deadlines for internship applications. Read each program’s application procedure and requirements carefully; only complete applications that fulfill the purpose(s) of the grant will be considered for funding.

International summer internships may be eligible for financial aid if completed for college credit. Be aware that financial aid used for a summer experience will impact overall academic year aid availability. Contact the Financial Aid office to discuss implications.

If experiencing an international summer internship is only possible with funding from one of these two awards, please contact Cheryl Genovese, Summer School manager, and attend a mandatory UR Summer Fellowship information session. Dates and times of these sessions are available on the UR Summer Fellowship page.

Weinstein Summer Grants

Weinstein Summer Grants are intended for original research projects and internships related to the applicant’s major(s). Applicants must attend an information session. The application is due only a few days after the internship application is due, so Weinstein Summer Grant applications will need to propose internship goals and outcomes without having a specific internship placement in mind.

UR Summer Fellowships

UR Summer Fellowships comprise seven different programs that provide funding to support students’ summer research and internship experiences. Review the application procedures and program requirements carefully to determine which UR Summer Fellowship program aligns with your desired internship experience. Applicants seeking UR Summer Fellowship funding may apply to more than one Fellowship program, if the internship aligns with the goals and requirements of more than one program. UR Summer Fellowship applications are due several weeks after the internship application, so students can describe their internship placement in detail in their UR Fellowship applications.

Application Timeline

  • ISA (Internship Partner) Application
    • Internships starting May 22: January 15, 2019
    • Internships starting June 12: February 15, 2019
  • Summer Internship Abroad: February 15, 2019
  • Weinstein Summer Grant: April 5, 2019
  • UR Summer Fellowship: April 5, 2019

Internship Costs

Internship Fee Schedule

Program fees and schedule for summer internships that do not include UR Internship credit. UR application and deposit are due February 15.

UR Registration Deposit: Hand deliver a check (payable to University of Richmond) with UR ID & program name in memo line to Cheryl Genovese, 2nd floor, Special Programs Building (490 Westhampton Way).

Location Total UR App Deposit ISA App Deposit ISA Placement Deposit ISA Placement Acceptance ISA Final
Australia $6,500 $300 $95 $405 $1,500 Remainder
Dublin $6,995 $300 $95 $405 $1,500 Remainder
London $7,995 $300 $95 $405 $1,500 Remainder
Madrid $6,500 $300 $95 $405 $1,500 Remainder
New Zealand $6,200 $300 $95 $405 $1,500 Remainder
Santiago $6,950 $300 $95 $405 $1,500 Remainder
Seoul $6,150 $300 $95 $405 $1,500 Remainder
Seville $4,800 $300 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Shanghai $6,450 $300 $95 $405 $1,500 Remainder
Tokyo $8,650 $300 $95 $405 $1,500 Remainder
Valencia $6,375 $300 $95 $405 $1,500 Remainder
Refund Policy

The following policies govern payments and refunds for Summer Internship Abroad and Summer International Service Learning programs.

Important Notice: If someone other than you [the student] will be paying for the internship or service learning program, be sure to discuss your commitment and this refund policy with the other party before signing agreements in Gateway Abroad.

  1. The deposit is not refundable under any circumstances after a student's application has been accepted. If the University is unable to accept an application, it will refund all payments.
  2. All other refunds will be governed by the ISA cancellation policy (all service learning and most internship programs) or CINECU Refund Policy (Seville internship program only).

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