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Australia Internship

May 22–July 20 or June 12–August 10, 2019

Spend eight weeks working in Australia, one of the largest countries in the Pacific Rim and a world leader in business, science, and communications. Placements are available in Brisbane and Sydney in virtually all major fields, and custom designed internships are based on the student’s interests and educational experience.

Available Fields

  • Agriculture and Veterinary Science
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business and Marketing
  • Communications, Media and PR
  • Education
  • Environmental and Sustainability Studies
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Hospitality, Events and Tourism
  • Performing and Visual Arts
  • Psychology and Social Work
  • Research
  • Sciences and Math
  • Sport and Exercise Science

The program is open to students in all years, including first-years and those who have just graduated. Continuing UR students may be eligible for funding from the UR Summer Fellowships or Weinstein Summer Grants programs.

The University administers this program through ISA, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization. ISA secures all placement and housing assignments.

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Due Dates

Internship applications with placement deposit (if applicable) are due as follows:

  • ISA internships starting May 22: January 15, 2019 ($95)
    • Deadline extended to January 31 for all programs except New Zealand, London & Shanghai
  • ISA internships starting June 12: February 10, 2019 ($95)
  • Healthcare Internship in Seville: February 16, 2019 (placement fee included in $300 UR deposit)
ISA Internships

UR summer internships abroad are offered through ISA Internships except the Healthcare Internships in Seville, Spain. Application details are available on the Seville page.

Visit the ISA Internships Application page. Review application requirements and guidelines carefully. You’ll need the following items to start the application:

  • The Program Name to which you are applying
  • Your passport number (if you currently have one)
  • Your current cumulative GPA
  • Your debit or credit card information (please note that your $195 deposit is non-refundable)
Due Date & Details

All UR-specific application materials (including $300 deposit) are due on February 15, 2019.

Current UR students and non-UR students who wish to participate in the UR Summer Internship Abroad must complete the required application. See below for details.

Register Your Participation

Students who have been approved for a summer internship abroad must register their participation with UR using GatewayAbroad by February 15, 2019.

  1. Visit 
  2. Click on the “Register Your Participation” button
  3. Log into GatewayAbroad using your UR NetID and password
  4. Complete the online registration for your program

Note: To earn academic credit for your internship experience, you must coordinate with a Richmond faculty member and pay the standard tuition rate. Complete the Individual Instruction Course Request form and submit to the Office of the Registrar in Queally Center.


University of Richmond summer internships abroad may be eligible for Weinstein Summer Grant funding and UR Summer Fellowship funding. The maximum award for Weinstein Summer Grants is $3,500, while the maximum award for UR Summer Fellowships is $4,000.

Each award requires a separate application. Application deadlines for both awards appear below, along with general application deadlines for internship applications. Read each program’s application procedure and requirements carefully; only complete applications that fulfill the purpose(s) of the grant will be considered for funding.

International summer internships may be eligible for financial aid if completed for college credit. Be aware that financial aid used for a summer experience will impact overall academic year aid availability. Contact the Financial Aid office to discuss implications.

If experiencing an international summer internship is only possible with funding from one of these two awards, please contact Cheryl Genovese, Summer School manager, and Ashleigh Brock, Spider Internship Funds coordinator, as soon as possible in your planning to discuss options and timelines.

These opportunities are not available to non-UR students.

Weinstein Summer Grants

The Office of International Education offers merit-based Weinstein Grants for internships and research projects conducted abroad during the summer. These grants offer an airfare supplement for students completing international internships or research projects as part of a UR Summer Fellowship-funded experience. These awards are intended to foster and support innovative ideas and experiences that will better equip applicants to navigate in the world, and to understand and be sympathetic toward inter-cultural encounters on campus and abroad. To qualify, the internship or research experience must be outside of the U.S. AND outside of the student’s home country.

In order to receive a Weinstein Grant, applicants must complete the supplemental Weinstein Grant form in addition to their application for another UR Summer Fellowship program. Students who do not submit another program application in addition to their Weinstein Grant application will not be considered for funding.

UR Summer Fellowships

The deadline for completing a UR Summer Fellowship application for internship funding has not yet been published for 2019. Follow the links below to check for updates.

UR Summer Fellowships comprise eight different programs (including Weinstein Summer Grants) that provide funding to support students’ summer research and internship experiences. Review the application procedures and program requirements carefully to determine which UR Summer Fellowship program aligns with your desired internship experience. Applicants seeking UR Summer Fellowship funding may apply to more than one Fellowship program, if the internship aligns with the goals and requirements of more than one program. UR Summer Fellowship applications are due several weeks after the internship application, so students can describe their internship placement in detail in their UR Fellowship applications.

  • ISA Internship application deposit due with application ($95)
    • Internships starting May 22, 2019: January 15, 2019
    • Internships starting June 12, 2019: February 10, 2019
    • Paid directly to ISA during application process
  • UR internship application deposit: February 15, 2019 ($300)
    • Check payable to University of Richmond
    • UR ID and program name on memo line
    • Deliver to Cheryl Genovese, 2nd floor, Special Programs Building 
ISA Internship Payments

With the exception of fees paid for the Seville Healthcare Internships, the following payments should be made directly to ISA.

  • $95 ISA application deposit with application (February 15)
  • $405 placement deposit to send the application overseas and begin the placement process
  • $1,500 deposit to accept their placement
  • Remainder due four weeks prior to the program start date

If you’ve applied for UR Summer Fellowship funding as your primary method of covering costs, please contact Cheryl Genovese to discuss a possible alternative payment date.

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