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Summer Internships Abroad

The University of Richmond offers international internship experiences during the summer months to traditional undergraduate students. When interning overseas during the academic year or semester is not an option, a summer experience offers the opportunity to gain international work experience in a more compact timeframe.

UR Summer Fellowship Funding

These internships are eligible for UR Summer Fellowship funding through one of the internship programs. Summer Fellowship funding requires a separate application after notice of placement, but several elements from the internship application process may be used for the Summer Fellowship application as well.

Internships that are both outside of the U.S. and outside of your home country are also eligible for Weinstein Summer Grant support for travel expenses. In order to be eligible, you must submit both a UR Summer Fellowship application to one of the five internship funding programs AND to the Weinstein Summer Grant program. Weinstein Grants are awarded on a merit basis.

Each program’s application information and deadline is unique. Review each program’s Fees & Timelines carefully and submit on time. Review costs and payment information for additional details about paying for your internship.

To earn academic credit for your internship experience, you must coordinate with a faculty member and pay the tuition fee (see the “For credit” values below). Complete the Individual Instruction Course Request form and submit to the Office of the Registrar in Queally Center.


Review application information on each program page. Visit Gateway Abroad and select the Apply Now button to start your application.

Travel Notices and Advisories


University of Richmond summer abroad programs are covered by the same health and travel insurance policy in effect for UR semester abroad programs.

Traveling with Medications

Review this traveling with medications advisory from the US Dept. of State OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council).

Refund Policy Notice

If a party other than the student will be paying for the Summer Internship Abroad program, be sure to discuss this commitment and our Refund Policy with the other party before signing agreements in Gateway Abroad.

Request Additional Details

If you’d like to have a program director contact you, please complete this form. All fields are required.

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Summer 2018 International Internship Opportunities

Note: The following destinations are tentative and subject to change. Please return to this page often to watch for updates.

Destination Dates Standard Fee  Fee w/ College Credit
Australia May 23–July 21 or June 13–August 11 $6,705 $7,005
Dublin, Ireland May 23–July 21 or June 13–August 11 $7,205 $7,605
London, England May 23–July 21 or June 13–August 11 $8,625 $8,755
Madrid, Spain May 23–July 21 or June 13–August 11 $7,205 $7,555
New Zealand May 23–July 21 or June 13–August 11 $6,505 $6,855
Santiago, Chile May 23–July 21 or June 13–August 11 $6,305 $6,755
Seville, Spain May 17–June 29 $4,500 $5,500
Shanghai, China May 23–July 21 or June 13–August 11 $6,555 $6,850
South Korea May 23–July 21 or June 13–August 11 $6,205 $6,555
Valencia, Spain May 23–July 21 or June 13–August 11 $6,475 $6,855

All dates and costs are approximate and subject to change, as are program details. The University of Richmond reserves the right to alter the program costs as a result of fluctuations in international currency.

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