Techwriter-Certification is a member organization of the Society of Technical Communication. The company delivers industry level online technical certificate training to employees, freelancers, consultants and those seeking new career paths in the field of technical communication.

Technical Writing Certification

Through our partnership with TechWriter-Certification, we offer the following certificates:

  • Basic Certificate in Technical Writing
  • Technical Writing & Communication Industry Certificate - Mastery Level
  • Certificate in Professional Technical Communication - Portfolio

Partnership Benefits

Our partnership with Techwriter-Certification offers certificates that SPCS does not offer on its own. We include a selection of courses and certificate programs in the online Think Again catalog and in our noncredit programs, but these online portals include a much broader set of topics and programs. All Techwriter-Certificate programs are offered entirely online.

Discounts, Cancellations & Refunds

Online courses offered by SPCS partners may be eligible for faculty and staff tuition remission, but they are not eligible for the University of Richmond alumni discount. These courses are offered through partnerships with other providers. Therefore, SPCS cancellation and refund policies do not apply. Each provider has its own cancellation policies. Please contact the provider directly for information on course cancellations and refunds.