IOP Nonprofit Leadership Lab

Whether you have five years or 25 years experience in nonprofit management, wouldn’t you welcome the opportunity to continue to grow professionally through self-directed learning and discovery with a network of trusted peers who understand the unique nature of nonprofits?

That’s the concept behind the IOP Nonprofit Leadership Lab. This multi-session program will bring together key players from Central Virginia’s nonprofit sector for regularly scheduled facilitated conversations about staff, board and organizational challenges in a confidential environment.

Program Overview

The IOP Nonprofit Leadership Lab provides a venue for regional nonprofit movers and shakers to engage in monthly dialogue, problem solving, mentoring and support. Program participants will meet for 2 hours, where they will learn from one another by discussing the issues that face each individual leader and the nonprofit they serve.

Each meeting is structured as a lab format, not a lecture. Meetings will be facilitated and utilize various techniques, among them peer coaching, brainstorming and peer accountability. Each participant will have a “focus” opportunity to share their nonprofit leadership issue as the topic of group conversation. Industry experts will also be invited to share their reflections and introduce strategies addressing specific areas in the current landscape of nonprofits.

The first meeting will create a foundation on which the other sessions will build. Participants will complete the Clifton StrengthsFinder® evaluation before the first meeting, and results will be discussed and woven through each session.

Benefits of Participating

  • You’ll be part of a confidential forum of your peers to discuss staff, board and organizational challenges.
  • You’ll be exposed to differing perspectives, skills, new ideas, input and feedback to help apply to your workplace situations.
  • You’ll create new professional connections and learn about new resources.
  • You’ll receive inspiration and accountability structures for helping to meet your goals.
  • You’ll develop new skillsets, growing personally and professionally, in the process.
  • You’ll be part of a group that want to help you and your organization succeed.

Criteria for Participating

  • You must be at a senior level of your organization and have a minimum of one year of nonprofit leadership or management experience to participate.
  • You must be willing to share your knowledge and experience with the group, giving support for and advice about dealing with workplace issues.
  • You must be willing to share your own challenges and ask for guidance.
  • You must be able to hold strict confidences and sign a confidentiality agreement.

What Not to Expect

  • The lab is not a class. The main focus is brainstorming and accountability support among group members.
  • The lab is not group coaching. Everyone brings feedback, advice and support to the group.
  • The lab is not a networking group. Although participants will naturally benefit from networking and sharing information and ideas, this is not the main focus of the group meetings.