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Ulsa Doga Eralp
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts
Scholar of international politics and human rights, governance expert in fragile and conflict affected societies with more than ten years of research experience on governance systems, endogenous conflict management mechanisms, rule of law, electoral systems in the MENA and ECA regions. Emphasis on human rights regimes, democratization processes, governance, accountability, sustainable development partnerships, mediation, consociational systems, international relations theory, anti-corruption measures, inclusive dialogue platforms, third party intervention roles.
Grants and Fellowships

Kokkalis Program Grant, Harvard University

American for Informed Democracy (AID) Grant

International Peace Research Association (IPRA) Research Grant


George F. Anderson Award for Committment to Peace Studies

George Mason International Conference Grant

International Association for Conflict Management
International Peace Research Association
World Bank, IMF Turkish Staff Association
Alliance for Conflict Transformation
International Studies Association
Robert College of Instanbul Alumni Association
Turkish American Scholars Association
Phi Beta Gamma
Professional Experience
Consultant (2011-Present)

Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) Expert for Fragile and Conflict Affected States. Investment Climate Department, The World Bank Group, Washington, DC

Visiting Professor of Conflict Resolution (2009-2011)

Program on Conflict Resolution, Sabanci University, Istanbul

Fellow (2009-Present)

SETA Foundation, Washington, DC, and Ankara, Turkey

Election Monitor (2010)

Turkish Foreign Ministry, Election Monitoring Mission, Kosovo

Instructor (2006-2008)

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sabanci University, Istanbul

Selected Publications

Eralp, U.D. (2012). Politics of the European Union in Bosnia Herzegovina: Between conflict and democracy. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.


Eralp, U. D. (Forthcoming). Letters from the gallows' pole: Remembering the 1980 military coup of Turkey on its 30th anniversary. International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies.

Eralp, U. D. (2006). The European effect and diffussion of the human rights norms in Turkey: Redefinition of national soverignty. Social Justice: Anthropology, Peace and Human Rights, 6(1).

Eralp, U. D. (2005). Assessing conflict resolution potential of the EU: The Cyprus conflict and accession negotiations. Security Dialogue, 36(2).


Eralp, U. D. (2011). Turkish policies in the Western Balkans. In B. Duran, K. Inat, & M. Ozcan (Eds.), Turkish foreign policy yearbook 2010. Ankara, Turkey: SETA Publications.

Eralp, U. D. (2009). Uluslararasi catisma mudahalelerinde mesruiyet kavrami (Legitimation problematique in international conflict resolution). In N. Beriker (Ed.), Catisma analizi ve cosumemlemesi (An introduction to conflict analysis and resolution). Istanbul, Turkey: Bilgi University Press. (In Turkish)

Eralp, U. D. (2009). The police reform in Bosnia-Herzegovina: The way to move forward in the EU. In V. B. Malleswari (Ed.), Police reforms. Hyderabad, India: ICFAI University Press.

Eralp, U. D. (2007). The European effect and diffussion of the human rights norms in Turkey: Redefinition of national soverignty. In V. B. Malleswari (Ed.), Human Rights: International Perspectives. Hyderabad, India: ICFAI University Press.

B.A., KoƧ University 2000
Business Administration
M.A., Sabanci University 2002
Political Science
Ph.D., George Mason University 2009
Conflict Analysis and Resolution
Contact Information
Special Programs Building
(804) 289-8133
(804) 289-8138 (Fax)