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Susan Wilkes
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Human Resource Management
Professional Experience
Owner & Managing Partner (2006-Present)

Wilkes Consulting, LLC, Richmond

Director (2003-2005)

VCU Leadership Develpment Program, Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond

Director (2001-2003)

Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond

Director (1994-2002)

Workplace Initiatives Program, Department of Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond

Career Counselor & Instructor (1987-1994)

Women’s Resource Center, University of Richmond

Assistant Director (1984-1990)

University Career Center, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond

Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Spiritual Director, The Haden Institute
Certified Teacher of Mindful Self Compassion, UC San Diego
Qualified Teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, UC San Diego
Selected Publications

Wilkes, S., & Whitehurst, L. (Eds.). (2012). Words for the journey. Richmond, VA: The Chrysalis Group.

Wilkes, S., & Burke, J. (Eds.). (2004). Doorways: Families, friends and survivors of September 11 reflect on living with loss. Richmond, VA: Hold the Door for Others.


Deaton, A., Wilkes, S., & Douglas, R. (2013). Strengthening the next generation: A multi-faceted program to strengthen leadership capacity in emerging nonprofit leaders. Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership, 3(1), 34-40.

Higgins, R. D., Bridges, J., Burke, J. M., O’Donnell, M. A., Cohen, N. M., & Wilkes, S. (2004). Implementing the ACGME general competencies in cardiothoracic surgery residency program using 360-degree feedback. The Annals of Thoracic Surgery, 77, 12-17.

B.A., University of Virginia 1981
M.Ed., University of Virginia 1984
Counselor Education
Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University 1992
Contact Information
Special Programs Building
(804) 289-8133