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The School of Professional & Continuing Studies implements its programs through its full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, instructors, staff and leaders. This page is organized by department and includes full-time and part-time staff along with full-time faculty. Adjunct faculty are listed elsewhere, and professional education instructors and Osher course leaders are included in our Think Again and Osher Institute course schedules and catalogs.

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Academic & Student Affairs (Degree Programs)
Name Title Phone
Academic & Student Affairs
Tom Shields Associate Dean 289-8524
Tammy Alexander Academic Advisor 289-1748
Kelli Bradford Admissions Coordinator 287-6572
Beth Ann Howard Program Manager/Interim Academic Advisor 287-1810
Gretchen Flynn Morris Director, Strategic Management 289-1747
Joel Hanel Accreditation & Assessment Specialist 662-3087
Kris Waikart Administrative Coordinator 289-8133
Becca Shelton SPCS Career Advisor (through Career Services) 289-8547
Administrative Support
Name Title Phone
Administrative Support
Kay R. Robertson Assistant to the Dean 287-6364
Theresa Keefe Customer Service Representative 289-8133
Administrative, Technical & Financial Services
Name Title Phone
Administrative, Technical & Financial Services
Tom Walsh Senior Director 287-1926
Danica J. Rios Manager 662-3104
Suzy Sleman Business Operations Coordinator 287-1208
Anna Kay Travis Operations Coordinator 287-6676
Center for Leadership in Education
Name Title Phone
Center for Leadership in Education
Dr. Kate Cassada Director 289-8754
Claudia J. Mills Coordinator 287-1899
Dr. Dana Jackson Coordinator, Next Generation Leadership Academy 289-8133
Deans of the School
Name Title Phone
Dr. Jamelle Wilson Dean 289-8135
Dr. David E. Kitchen
Associate Dean, Professional Education & Special Programs 289-8382
Dr. Tom Shields Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs 289-8524
Faculty Appointments
Name Title Phone
Faculty Appointments
Dr. Kate Cassada Associate Professor & Assistant Chair, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies; Director, Center for Leadership in Education 289-8754
Dr. Ann Hodges Interim Chair, Paralegal Studies & Professor of Law Emerita 287-6858
Dr. Dana Jackson Assistant Professor & Director of Clinical Practice, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies 289-8404
Dr. Laura Kuti Assistant Professor & Assistant Chair, Teacher Education 287-6621
Dr. Lionel Mew Assistant Professor & Chair, Information Systems 289-8944
Gretchen Flynn Morris HR Management Instructor & Director, Strategic Management for Academic & Student Affairs 289-1747
Dr. Jim Narduzzi University Professor & Dean Emeritus 364-0110
Dr. Erik Nielson Associate Professor, Liberal Arts & Assistant Chair, Master of Liberal Arts 287-1245
Dr. Daniel M. Roberts, Jr. Professor & Chair, Liberal Arts 287-6037
Dr. Andrew Schoeneman Assistant Professor & Chair, Nonprofit Studies 289-8681
Dr. Tom Shields Associate Professor & Chair, Graduate Education; Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs 289-8524
Dr. Bob Spires Associate Professor, Education 289-8431
Marketing & Engagement
Name Title Phone
Marketing & Engagement
James D. Campbell Senior Director 287-6633
Erica L. De Pompeo Student Recruitment Coordinator 287-1291
Daniel L. Hocutt Web Manager 287-6658
Vivian Marcoccio Graphics Coordinator 287-6835
Philip J. Melita Communications Coordinator 287-6897
John Zinn Director, Enrollment Management & Strategic Partnerships 287-6378
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Name Title Phone
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Peggy Watson Director 287-6344
Barbara Apostle Program Assistant 289-8582
Amy Edwards Stewardship Assistant 287-1946
Nell Smith Coordinator 287-6608
Partners in the Arts
Name Title Phone
Partners in the Arts
Rob McAdams Director 955-4012
Stacy Hull Coordinator 955-4016
Professional Education
Name Title Phone
Professional Education
George Chieffo Senior Program Manager, Professional Education 289-8937
Bobby Faithful Program Manager, Brewing Education 289-8133
Amy Kemp Coordinator, Professional Education 287-6331
Mary Catherine Raymond Senior Program Manager, Professional Education & Youth 287-6302
Program Chairs (Degree Programs)
Name Title Phone
Program Chairs (Degree programs)
Dr. Erik Nielson Assistant Chair, Master of Liberal Arts 287-1245
Dr. Ann Hodges Interim Chair, HR Management 289-8909
Dr. Lionel Mew Chair, Information Systems 289-8944
Dr. Daniel M. Roberts Jr., Chair, Liberal Arts 287-6037
Dr. Tom Shields Chair, Graduate Education 289-8524
Vacant Chair, Paralegal Studies 289-8133
Program Coordinators & Assistants (Degree Programs)
Name Title Phone
Program Coordinators & Assistants (Degree programs)
Jada Banks Coordinator, Portfolio Preparation 289-8133
Miriam Blackmon Admissions Coordinator, Master of Teaching 289-8427
Julia Burke Manager, Master of Teaching, Curriculum & Instruction and Teacher Professional Development 484-1584
Liza Carpenter Administrative Coordinator, Education 289-8428
Susan “Happy” Herbert Coordinator, Online Writing Lab (OWL) 289-8133
Beth Ann Howard Manager, Credit Programs (HRM, ISYS, Liberal Arts, NPS & Paralegal) 287-1810
Claudia Mills Coordinator, ELPS & Center for Leadership in Education 287-1899
Summer Studies (Degree Programs)
Name Title Phone
Summer Degree Programs
Cheryl Genovese Manager 289-8134

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