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 Galya R. Abdrakhmanova
Galya R. Abdrakhmanova
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts
Professional Experience
Instructor (2013-Current)

John Tyler Community College, Richmond

Assistant Professor (2005-2012)

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond

Research Associate (2004-2005)

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond

Research Associate (2000-2002)

Postdoctoral Fellow, Electrophysiology, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Selected Publications
Abdrakhmanova, G., R., Kang, M., AlSharari, Sh., Damaj, M. I., and Albarali, H. I. (2011). Alpha-7 nAChR-mediated suppression of hyperexcitability of colonic dorsal root ganglia neurons in experimental colitis. American Journal of Physiology GI, 299, G761-G768.

Dukat, M. Wesolowska, A., Alley, G., Young, S., Abdrakhmanova, G., Navarro, H., Young, R., and Glennon, R. (2010). MD-354 selectively antagonizes the antinociceptive effects of (-)nicotine in the Mouse Tail-flick Assay. Psychopharmacology, 210, 547-57.

Xiao, Y., Abdrakhmanova, G. R., Baydyuk, M., Hernandez, S., and Kellar, K. J. (2009). Rat neuronal acetylcholine receptors containing alpha-7 subunit: Pharmacological properties of ligand binding and function. Acta Pharmacol. Sin., 30, 842-850.

M.D., Kazan State Medical School 1992
General Medicine
Ph.D., First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague 2000
Contact Information
Special Programs Building
(804) 289-8945
Areas of Expertise