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Faculty Appointments

Faculty appointments include chairs, assistant chairs, and other non-adjunct faculty roles. 

Associate Professor, Education
Assistant Chair, Graduate Education - Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
Director, Center for Leadership in Education
Interim Program Chair, Human Resource Management
Assistant Professor, Emergency Management
Associate Dean, Professional Education & Special Programs
Associate Professor, Continuing Studies
Member, SPCS Speakers Bureau
Climate Change
Earthquakes & Natural Disasters
Assistant Professor, Education
Assistant Chair, Graduate Education - Teacher Education
Member, SPCS Speakers Bureau
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Role of ESL in Schools
Program Chair, Information Systems
Assistant Professor, Information Systems
Member, SPCS Speakers Bureau
Information Systems Operations & Development
IT Security
IT Auditing
Cloud Computing
Director, Strategic Management for Academic & Student Affairs
Instructor, Human Resource Management
Member, SPCS Speakers Bureau
Human Resources
International Human Resources
Volunteer Opportunities as Professional Development
University Professor and Dean Emeritus
Adjunct Professor, Liberal Arts
Member, SPCS Speakers Bureau
Politics & Elections
2016 Presidential Election Cycle
Primary System & Electoral College
Polarization in American Politics
Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning
Associate Professor, Liberal Arts
Assistant Chair, Liberal Arts
Interim Chair, Liberal Arts (Fall 2017)
Program Chair, Liberal Arts
Professor, Liberal Arts
Program Chair, Nonprofit Studies
Assistant Professor, Nonprofit Studies
Member, SPCS Speakers Bureau
Nonprofit Effectiveness
Community Stakeholder Engagement
Building Capacity within Organizations
Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs
Associate Professor, Education
Program Chair, Graduate Education
School Liaison, AFAC
Member, SPCS Speakers Bureau
Educational Leadership
School & Housing Segregation
Changing Demographics in RVA
Ethics & Leadership
Assistant Professor, Education
Member, SPCS Speakers Bureau
Human Trafficking & NGO Efforts to Address Trafficking
Disadvantaged Youth in Asia & Africa
Socio-psychological Processes Impacting Educators
Program Chair, Paralegal Studies
Professor, Paralegal Studies
Associate Professor of Management
Paralegal studies
Associate Dean, Administration
Assistant Professor, Information Systems
Assistant Professor, Management
Assistant Professor, Education
Director of Internships, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, Education
Member, SPCS Speakers Bureau
Cultivating School Leadership from Within
Compelling Classroom Practices to Disrupt Poverty
Preparing Students for Success as a School Leader
Empowering Your Team as a Leader
Building a Culture of Acceptable Student Voice
Dean, School of Professional and Continuing Studies
Professor, Continuing Studies
Member, SPCS Speakers Bureau
Organizational Leadership
School Leadership
Assessment in Public Education
Contemporary Issues in Public Education