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Osher Course/Lecture Planning Guide & Proposal

Thank you for your interest in serving as a volunteer course or lecture leader for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in the School of Professional & Continuing Studies at the University of Richmond. Please refer to our Osher Leader Handbook for more details about leading Osher programs.

Please answer the following questions about your planned course or lecture. Required fields are noted with an asterisk (*), and responses will be used in the print and online schedules unless otherwise indicated. You may also provide answers to these prompts by mail. If by mail, send to:

Peggy Watson
Osher Institute
School of Professional & Continuing Studies
28 Westhampton Way
University of Richmond, VA 23173

Primary Presenter
First Name*
Last Name*
Additional Presenter (if applicable)
First Name
Last Name
Presentation Details
Fewer than 10 words
Fewer than 40 words
Include how you will use class time, any materials you plan to use, required or recommended text(s), students activities or field trips, etc.
Length of Class*
No set limits; indicate preferences in hours (e.g. two 1.5-hour classes)
Preferred Dates or Dates to Avoid*
Be sure to specify “preferred dates” and/or “dates to avoid”
Media Required* Computer
LCD projector
Document camera
Select any that apply. Select “None” if no A/V media are required. List additional needs under “Additional or Special Classroom Needs” below.
Media Assistance* I will need assistance using A/V equipment.
I will not need assistance using A/V equipment.
Additional or Special Classroom Needs*
Enter “none” if appropriate.
Preferred Number of Students* Maximum: Minimum:
Using Handouts?* Yes No
If yes, please submit an electronic file if you’d like information sent to students prior to class.
Participation Level* High participation, students will be invited to do some reading or research before each class and to help lead class discussions
Moderate participation, students will be invited to share their ideas and experience with the class
Low participation, students will listen to a lecture and be invited to ask questions
Other, please describe:
Presenter Details & Contact information
Biographical Sketch(es)*
Please include biographical sketches for all presenters. 40 word limit for each individual biosketch. Published online with presentation information.
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Additional Speakers & Other Information

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