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Given the University’s fall 2020 plans for undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students in response to COVID-19, Osher students will be unable to audit credit courses held on campus this fall. It may be possible for Osher members to audit online and SPCS classes, but decisions have not yet been finalized. Members should be aware though that if they opt to audit an online course, they may not have access to all posted materials (specifically Box files).

Osher Institute members may audit selected University of Richmond credit classes, which generally meet for 15 weeks beginning at the start of each semester. Osher members who audit credit classes do not participate in graded assignments or tests and are asked to be sensitive to the needs of the credit students to have ample “air time” in class discussions.

Gold members pay no additional fees to audit credit classes. Silver members pay $100 for each audit class.

To view the list of credit classes, visit the Registrar’s Schedule page. From that page:

  1. Select the link for School of Professional & Continuing Studies or School of Arts & Sciences 
  2. Open the spreadsheet to review the credit class list.
  3. Contact Nell Smith in the Osher Office to indicate the class or classes you would like to audit.

When requesting registration, please send your request no later than three weeks before the beginning of the credit class semester. Include title, course number, course section, day(s) and time.

The Osher office staff will check to see if the class(es) you have selected are available for Osher audit. Classes most available for Osher audit are those in the liberal arts and in the 300 and 400 levels. Please be mindful that the course must be appropriate for audit, the instructor must approve each audit, and there must be a seat available. For questions and assistance related to Osher audits, please contact the Osher Institute staff.

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