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The Osher Photography Interest Group provides the opportunity to gather in a supportive environment with others who share a curiosity and passion for photography. Members will have the chance to present their works with an emphasis on the “how” and “why” a photo (or portfolio) was created, while also sharing their knowledge and techniques. In this non-competitive environment, help, advice, and feedback will be stressed. Each month members may submit digital images for a theme segment or an open category. Images will be projected, and members may provide constructive critiques. Theme assignments could include, for example, a portrait using a wide angle and including a sense of place in the background; music, such as an instrument or performance; street photography of some sort; color (where the bulk of the image is a particular color); a pattern (e.g. repeating circles); and more. 

This group's members could also create the opportunity to partner on photography shoots around Richmond and possibly beyond. If you would like to join this group, please email coordinator Peter Blankman at

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