Partners in the Arts update

December 1, 2023
Check out what happened at JOI 2023 this past summer, and stay tuned for information about the resulting projects in schools.

Benefits of Partners in the Arts

Partners in the Arts was founded in 1994 as a membership consortium of the six area public school divisions, independent schools, and the arts and cultural community. All educators, administrators, and staff of member school divisions are eligible to access resources and programs for free or at discounted rates.


One of the main benefits is the eligibility to participate in the comprehensive Institute for Integrated Learning model of training, planning, and in-school project implementation. Supported in part through an REB Award.

30th Anniversary

Next year, 2024, will be PIA’s 30th anniversary, and we would love to reconnect if you have been part of PIA in any way over the last three decades. If you would like to attend celebration events or get involved as a volunteer, share your interest and current contact information in this form. For more information, contact