Travel Interest Group

Attention all travelers! Celeste Miller is spearheading this Osher special interest group for those who love to travel. The objectives of the group are to share information regarding trips taken and most importantly, to help coordinate future Osher travel.

If you have interest in helping to lead the development of future Osher trips, being the first to learn of the travel opportunities developed, learning from fellow travelers, or sharing your experiences, this is the special interest group for you! We plan to focus on day trips and overnight excursions, as well as domestic and international travel.

Osher travel opportunities require all travelers to be Osher members, including spouses and guests.

Osher memberships may be purchased for as little as $75/year.

To join or to learn more, please email Come join the fun and expand your experiences!

And if you’d like to see the existing Osher travel opportunities, be sure to visit the Special Travel Opportunities page!