Contemporary Issues Interest Group

Contemporary Issues (CI) is an interest group devoted to consideration of important news topics of the day. Invited guest speakers and CI committee members facilitate exploration of focus topics, followed by open discussions of contemporary issues suggested by staff and members.

Recent focus topics include:

  • Fake News and The First Amendment
  • Reactions to Richmond’s monument protest movement
  • The deteriorating relations between U.S. and China
  • Implications of U.S. deficit and resulting debt
  • The new Supreme Court and changes in judicial philosophy
  • Climate change and the Green New Deal: Fact or Fantasy?

This interest group is coordinated by: Alan Corbett, Bill Pawleski, Susan Phieffer, John Schofield, Joyce Rothschild, Jeffrey Keil, Colleen Anders and Peggy Delbridge.

Sessions are held on the first Wednesday of each month starting in September.

To join, please contact Bill Pawelski at