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About the Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is made up of members of the School of Professional & Continuing Studies student body, supervised by an administrative board that meets regularly. The SGA is governed by its constitution and bylaws.

The mission of SGA is to promote and organize events and activities throughout the academic year designed to engage SPCS students with each other as well as with the campus community.

SGA events include socials, group attendance at Spider sports events, Exam Week Snack at the end of the fall and spring semesters and other events that utilize academic resources available on campus.

SGA encourages students to support one another in accomplishing academic and personal goals by taking advantage of opportunities to meet peers, members of the SPCS faculty and staff and other members of the greater University community.

SPCS Representation on University-wide Committees

The SGA president represents SPCS on the University of Richmond Presidents’ Council, which serves as a communication liaison among the school student governments (SPCS SGA, Jepson School, Law School, Richmond College, Robins School and Westhampton College). The Council will communicate student government issues/business with one another in order to ensure support and understanding among all colleges. In addition, the Presidents’ Council will serve as a reporting body for student representatives selected/elected to serve on important university committees.

The SPCS Alumni Association-SPCS SGA Scholarship

In the fall of 2007, the SPCS Alumni Association and SPCS SGA joined forces to establish the SPCS Alumni Association-SPCS Student Government Association Scholarship. It is the shared mission of our organizations to help students achieve their educational goals. We feel strongly that the partnership between students and alumni created by this effort will foster a culture of giving that will benefit our students, alumni, and the school.

Contributions may be sent to:

Alumni Association/SGA Scholarship
School of Professional & Continuing Studies
490 Westhampton Way
University of Richmond, VA 23173

Or give online at

On behalf of the SPCS Alumni Association and SPCS SGA, thank you for your support!

Current Board


  • Shawn Davis, President
  • Ashley Snider, Vice President
  • Denena Goodman, Treasurer
  • Amber Ange, Secretary

Alumni Liaison

Tawna Waring, C’01

Faculty Advisor

Cathy Herweyer, Adjunct Professor, SPCS

Staff Advisor

John Zinn, Director, Enrollment Management & Strategic Partnerships, SPCS
Previous Boards
2019-20 Officers
  • Sheri Blume, C’19, President
  • Shawn Davis, Vice President
  • Laurie Sanderson, Secretary
  • Tawana Demery, Treasurer


2018-19 Officers and Board


  • Sarah Petty, President
  • Sheri Blume, Secretary/Treasurer

Board Members

  • Jeremy Caldwell
  • Belinda White
2016-17 Officers and Board
  • Ivy Bullock
  • Lisa Cheney – Interim President
  • Marcia Dawes-Cawley
  • Mark Gan
  • Rebecca Hubbard
  • Jim Kochany
  • David Leonard
  • Willie Lewis
  • Jennifer Murphy-James
  • Kimberley Payne
  • Cella Roberston
  • Brandon Shackleford
  • Erik Roth
  • Sherry Skinner
  • Tracey Taylor
2015-2016 Officers and Board


  • Ginger Clore, President
  • Lisa Cheney, Interim Vice President
  • Shani Buchholz, Secretary
  • Shirley Maxwell, Treasurer

Board Members

  • Ivy Bullock
  • Erik Roth
  • David Leonard
  • Jennifer Halligan
  • Christina Boutin
  • Cathy Oberholtzer
  • Karen Cheatham
  • Amanda Stinnett
  • Dominique Greene
  • Jim Kochany
  • Sherry Skinner
2014-2015 Officers and Board


  • Michelle Edgell, President
  • Ginger Clore, Vice President
  • Michelle Beck, Treasurer
  • Beth Ann Howard, Secretary

Board Members

  • Sandy Benoit
  • Brenda Chasen
  • Shirley Maxwell
  • Cella Robertson
2012-2013 Officers and Board


  • Lisa Cheney, President
  • Kory Mohr, Vice President
  • Veronica Lewter, Treasurer
  • Deon Price, Secretary

Board Members

  • Benny Bowman
  • Ivy Bullock
  • Michelle Edgell
  • Delila Fazlic
  • Barbara Ireland
  • Jason Martin
  • Tad McGonigle
  • Jeronell Morgan
  • Kelly Nesmith
  • Kalyn Salinsky
  • Krystle Voss
2011-2012 Officers and Board


  • Tad McGonigle, President
  • Kory Mohr, Vice-President
  • Mindy Fennick, Treasurer
  • Jimmy Nickerson, Secretary
  • Tammy Fox, Alumni Representative

Board Members

  • Benny Bowman
  • Ivy Bullock
  • Lisa Cheney
  • Michelle Edgell
  • Delia Fazlic
  • Barbara Ireland
  • Jason Martin
  • Jeronell Morgan
  • Veronica Lewter
  • Deon Price
  • Krystle Voss

SGA Members

2012 Board Members with Cathy Herweyer, Faculty Advisor

2010-2011 Officers and Board


  • Karren O'Connell, President
  • Andy Andreasen, Vice President
  • Anna Kay Travis, Secretary
  • Kory Mohr, Treasurer

Board Members

  • Ivy Bullock
  • Melinda (Mindy) Fennick
  • Veronica Lewter
  • Lynn Robertson
2009-2010 Officers and Board


  • Karren O'Connell, President
  • Chris Riddick, Vice President
  • Anna Kay Travis, Secretary
  • Aleta Fonville, Treasurer

Board Members & Committee Chairs

  • Michael Wise – Board Member
  • LaMarr Daniel – Diversity Roundtable
  • Andrew Andreasen – Publicity
  • Meredith Grady – Events
  • Kory Mohr – Technology Coordinator (Web & BlackBoard)
  • Martha Pittaway – Past President & Parking Appeals Committee
  • Karren O'Connell – President & SCS Faculty Evaluation
  • Christopher Riddick – Vice President & Student Program Council
2008-2009 Officers and Board


  • Martha Pittaway, President
  • Chris Riddick, Vice President
  • Karren O'Connell, Secretary
  • Aleta Fonville, Treasurer

Board Members

  • Natalie Gordon
  • Carleen Harris
  • Ed Monk
  • Anna Kay Travis
  • Terri Weaver
  • Michael Wise
2007-2008 Officers and Board


  • President: Francine Reynolds
  • Vice President: David Richardson
  • Secretary: Martha Pittaway
  • Treasurer: Chris Riddick

Board Members

  • Mary Ellen Cleveland
  • Peggy Christmas
  • Aleta Fonville
  • Jason Gibson
  • Carleen Harris
  • Karren O'Connell
2006-2007 Officers and Board


  • Dianne St. John, President
  • Cliff Middlebrook, Vice President
  • Joy Edwards, Secretary
  • Kenny Hines, Treasurer

Board Members

  • Mary Ellen Cleveland
  • Adrienne Meador
  • Scott Morris
  • Jodi Perrigo-Marza
  • Francine Reynolds
  • David Richardson

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