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Instructions for Using Richmond OWL

The OWL is for currently enrolled SPCS students, faculty, and staff. The OWL does not service recent graduates or students not yet enrolled.

To have your paper reviewed for editing, please send an email with your Word document attached to

  • In this email please describe what course this paper is for and what type of assistance you are looking for.
  • Be sure to add your professor’s instructions, his or her name, and, if you wish a report sent after the tutorial, his or her preferred e-mail address.

Your attachment must not be larger than 10 MB—if you have a large Word document that contains large photographs and illustrations, please remove these before sending them to

YOU MUST SEND THIS EMAIL FROM YOUR RICHMOND.EDU ACCOUNT.  Emails that are sent from,, etc. addresses will not be reviewed and will be immediately deleted.

You will receive a response within approximately 48 hours that contains changes to your Word document. Heavy usage times often cause delays. If this is the case, you will receive an e-mail letting you know. If you wish to know this prior to submitting your paper, you can write to ask. Questions are welcome at any time.

Please understand that a single person is behind Richmond OWL. There will be occasions when the OWL is closed, such as between semesters, during breaks, and when the OWL is out of town. Feel free to request a schedules of closures at the beginning of each semester.

Papers (each assignment) will be reviewed only once to avoid student dependence on a tutor.