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Finish your degree from the University of Richmond in about two years.

Take ten classes — 2 courses each Fall and Spring semester and 1 course each summer term. Study in class on Friday evenings and Saturdays and join faculty-led online discussions. Enter in the fall with a cohort of your peers and proceed together through the program.

Weekend College is designed for those who want an interdisciplinary liberal arts degree. Our students encounter some ideas from around the world in a broadly-based educational experience. You’ll develop your ability to write well, communicate effectively, work with groups, engage in problem solving and think critically — timeless skills that are applicable to every part of life.

The program responds to the growing need in the corporate arena for employees whose approach to business and commerce is sophisticated, yet vigorously practical. The goal of the program is to promote the growth of effective citizens who develop a broad, holistic perspective on the world around them.

Weekend College offers many advantages over traditional programs and is perfect for working adults.

  • Take one highly-concentrated course at a time, so you can focus all your efforts on that one course.
  • Proceed through the program with the same group of students, giving you a great support network.
  • Earn a degree from one of the most respected private universities in the country.
  • Enroll in 12 credit hours each semester, making you a full-time student. Virginia residents are eligible for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG).


Transfer 60 hours into the degree to fulfill Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts requirements, then take 60 hours in 10 classes through Weekend College. Those entering with fewer than 60 hours must complete coursework during the 2-year cycle if they plan to complete the program on schedule.

Unfortunately, we will not be forming a Weekend College cohort for fall 2020 due to a lack of applicants.


1. Submit an online undergraduate application with fee

2. Transfer 45-60 semester hours (with earned grade of ‘C’ or better) from a regionally accredited college or university

3. Meet with the Liberal Arts advisor to review transcripts

  • Submit original transcripts of all college-level work directly to SPCS
  • Take the ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension and Sentence Skills test scores for placement
Weekend College Program of Study
Major in Interdisciplinary Studies

Undergraduate Major in Interdisciplinary Studies (Weekend College)

The undergraduate major in interdisciplinary studies is available only for the Weekend College Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (BALA).

Major in Interdiscplinary Studies

60 semester hours

ADED 300U Knowledge Management - Methods of Learning and Thinking
IDST 306U Understanding Culture and Language
HIST 345U The History of Ideas
HUM 346U The History of Human Expression
PLSC 301U The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
GSCI 301U The Role of Science and Technology in Shaping the Modern Era
MGMT 345U Business Literacy
LDSP 310U Leadership and Ethical Decision Making
IDST 310U The Examined Life
IDST 495U Capstone Course: Senior Seminar
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (BALA)

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts

General Education

30 semester hours. Includes Common Seminar, Areas of Study and Language and Cultural Studies.

Common Seminar

6 semester hours

ADED 300U Knowledge Management: Seminar Across the Disciplines (Weekend College only, included in Interdisciplinary Studies major) or
ADED 301U Knowledge Management: Seminar Across the Disciplines I and
ADED 302U Knowledge Management: Seminar Across the Disciplines II

Areas of Study

18 semester hours. At least one 3-hour course from each of the following areas:

  • History
  • Literature
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences and Cultural Studies
  • MATH 103U Finite Mathematics (or higher)
  • The Arts

Language and Cultural Studies

6 semester hours

IDST 306U Understanding Culture and Language (Weekend College only, included in Interdisciplinary Studies major) or
IDST 304U Understanding Culture and Language I and
IDST 305U Understanding Culture and Language II

Language and Cultural Studies Exemptions

Students majoring in Liberal Arts who have completed six (6) semester hours (or equivalent) in language coursework with a grade of “C” or better may earn waivers for IDST 304U and IDST 305U. Credits from a study abroad experience may also count toward the six-hour requirement (IDST 304U and IDST 305U).

Students majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies (Weekend College) must take IDST 306U as part of the course of study.

Students who wish to switch from the major in Interdisciplinary Studies to the major in Liberal Arts and who have passed IDST 306U with a grade of 'C' or better may earn waivers for IDST 304U and IDST 305U.

Students who pass IDST 304U, IDST 305U or IDST 306U may not take the courses again for repeated credit in the BALA program (to include both Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies majors).

General Distribution

60 semester hours. Coursework selected from across the curriculum. Undergraduate minors (combined with the major in Liberal Arts only) may be drawn from this area. Foundation Coursework, if required, counts toward General Distribution.

Weekend College Exceptions

Weekend College students combine General Education and General Distribution requirements. 60 semester hours total required, 45 hours prior to transfer to University of Richmond. Foundation Coursework requirements except MATH 103U are built in the 60-hour Interdisciplinary Studies major for Weekend College students.

Foundation Coursework

The student’s placement test score, along with advising recommendations, will determine the pathway of foundation courses before other required coursework.

ENGL 101U Strategic Reading and Writing
ENGL 201U Critical Writing and Research I
ENGL 202U Critical Writing and Research II
MATH 103U Finite Mathematics


30 semester hours (Liberal Arts) or 60 semester hours (Interdisciplinary Studies).

Select from Liberal Arts or Weekend College Interdisciplinary Studies

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