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Earn a Minor with an Undergraduate Degree

Demonstrate cross-disciplinary expertise and focus.

The School offers a variety of optional minors to students pursuing any Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (BALA) or Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies (BSPS) degree. Each encompasses 18 credit hours of specialized, focused coursework. Any undergraduate degree is eligible for a minor.

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Undergraduate Minors
Emergency Management

Minor in Emergency Management

The undergraduate minor in Emergency Management is available for the BSPS and BALA. The minor is not accepting new applicants and is discontinued effective in 2018.


18 semester hours. EM 322U is an elective.

EM 302U Emergency Planning
EM 305U Disasters, Characteristics and Physical Impacts
EM 307U Managing Emergency Operations
EM 312U Emergency Management Systems and Theory
EM 313U Disaster Exercises
EM 314U Defending Communities - Integrating Mitigation, Preparedness and Recovery
EM 322U Emergency Operations Center Design, Management and Operation
Human Resource Management

Undergraduate Minor in Human Resource Management

The undergraduate minor in HR Management is available for the BSPS and BALA.


18 semester hours

HRM 343U Human Resource Management
HRM 345U Human Resource Development
HRM 454U Compensation and Benefits
HRM 460U HR and Technology
HRM 467U International Human Resource Management
LAW 322U Employment Law and Policy
Information Systems

Undergraduate Minor in Information Systems

The undergraduate minor in Information Systems is available for the BSPS and BALA.


18 semester hours from the courses listed. Students considering future graduate study should check entrance requirements for several programs before making selections.

ISYS 302U Local Area Networks
ISYS 303U IT Security
ISYS 306U Systems Analysis and Design
ISYS 311U Database Design/Business Intelligence
ISYS 350U History of IT
ISYS 355U Computer Programming in Java
ISYS 360U Electronic Commerce
ISYS 365U Cloud Computing: Infrastructure & Services
ISYS 370U Introduction to Ethical Hacking & Pen Testing
ISYS 375U IT Control and Audit
ISYS 398U Selected Topics
ISYS 450U Project Management
ISYS 490U Managing IT
ISYS 491U IT Security Planning/Risk Management
ISYS 492U Consulting and Design of Online Systems
LAW 325U CyberLaw
MGMT 342U Managing Business Processes
Paralegal Studies

Undergraduate Minor in Paralegal Studies

The undergraduate minor in Paralegal Studies is available for the BSPS and BALA.

Core Courses

12 semester hours.

LA 301U Introduction to Paralegal Studies
LA 302U The Judicial System
LA 303U Legal Research
LA 304U Legal Writing

Focus Courses

6 semester hours from the courses listed.

LA 306U Litigation
LA 310U Real Estate
LA 312U Family Law
LA 314U Bankruptcy and Creditor’s Rights
LA 315U Torts
LA 316U Contract Law
LA 320U Environmental Law
LA 321U Criminal Law
LA 323U Elder Law
LA 398U Selected Topics
LAW 300U Business Law
LAW 303U Constitutional Law
LAW 304U First Amendment Law
LAW 315U Social Media Law and Ethics
LAW 321U Land Use Law
LAW 322U Employment Law and Policy
LAW 325U CyberLaw
LAW 326U Intellectual Property
LAW 398U Selected Topics

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