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Undergraduate Liberal Arts Concentration in Education

The following optional concentration is available to Liberal Arts majors earning a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (BALA) degree.

Liberal Arts Major Concentration in Education

Undergraduate Concentration in Education

Undergraduate students may opt for an additional concentration in education toward elementary teacher licensure preparation while working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (BALA) degree.

Professional Studies

24 semester hours.

EDUC 317U Foundations of Education
EDUC 318U Diverse Learners
EDUC 338U Advanced Instructional Design
EDUC 358U Classroom and Behavior Management
EDUC 306U Content and Pedagogy for Elementary Science and Social Studies
EDUC 324U Reading Foundations for Early Literacy Instruction
EDUC 326U Assessment, Intervention and Literacy Strategies for Elementary Readers
EDUC 327U Content and Pedagogy for Elementary Mathematics

Field Experience

14 semester hours (includes EDUC 485U Teaching Seminar)

EDUC 475U Student Teaching, Elementary (PreK-6)
EDUC 485U Student Teaching Seminar

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