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Certificate in Information Systems

As information technologies evolve, continuing education is essential for current and new IT professionals to enhance their skills in programming, database technology and administration, web development and networking.

Our Certificate in Applied Studies (CAS) in Information Systems prepares IT professionals for these challenges. The certificate provides a credential for students changing careers, professional development for seasoned IT professionals or the prerequisites for graduate study in information technology or management.

The CAS in Information Systems requires at least 21 semester hours, generally taken in six or seven classes. Those seeking to address prerequisites for graduate programs in IT or business can take classes in telecommunications or LAN, systems analysis and database design in order to address those requirements.

The CAS is a valued credential to employers seeking professionals who maintain their skills through on-going learning and professional development. The CAS also demonstrates to graduate school admissions personnel a commitment to remaining abreast of the latest theory and practice in information systems.

Our small class sizes (the average is 12-15) combined with our adjunct professors who are themselves professionals working in information systems fields provide opportunities for personalized attention, mentoring and networking with peers and professors. Face-to-face, classroom-based learning experiences are valued in the program, although some classes may be offered online or as in-class/online hybrid experiences.

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Certificate in Information Systems

Certificate in Information Systems

An earned associate’s degree is required to enroll in this certificate program.


21 semester hours from the courses listed. Students considering future graduate study should check entrance requirements for several programs before making selections. Graduate programs generally require ISYS 302U, ISYS 306U, ISYS 311U, and/or ISYS 355U as undergraduate prerequisites.

ISYS 302U Local Area Networks
ISYS 303U IT Security
ISYS 306U Systems Analysis and Design
ISYS 308U Digital Forensics
ISYS 311U Database Design/Business Intelligence
ISYS 315U Big Data Analytics
ISYS 350U History of IT
ISYS 355U Computer Programming in Java
ISYS 360U Electronic Commerce
ISYS 365U Cloud Computing: Infrastructure & Services
ISYS 370U Introduction to Ethical Hacking & Pen Testing
ISYS 375U IT Control & Audit
ISYS 398U Selected Topics
ISYS 399U Independent Study
ISYS 450U Project Management
ISYS 490U Managing IT
ISYS 491U IT Security Planning/Risk Management
ISYS 492U Consulting and Design of Online Systems
LAW 325U CyberLaw
MGMT 342U Managing Business Processes

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