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Program Chairs & Assistant Chairs

Associate Professor, Education
Assistant Chair, Graduate Education - Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
Director, Center for Leadership in Education
(804) 289-8754
Interim Program Chair, Human Resource Management
Assistant Professor, Emergency Management
(804) 287-1246
Assistant Professor, Education
Assistant Chair, Graduate Education - Teacher Education
(804) 289-8133
Program Chair, Information Systems
Assistant Professor, Information Systems
(804) 289-8944
Associate Professor, Liberal Arts
Assistant Chair, Liberal Arts
Interim Chair, Liberal Arts (Fall 2017)
(804) 287-1245
Program Chair, Liberal Arts
Professor, Liberal Arts
(804) 287-6037
Program Chair, Nonprofit Studies
Assistant Professor, Nonprofit Studies
(804) 289-8681
Community Engagement
Structural Injustice
Resource Allocation within Communities and Organizations
Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs
Associate Professor, Education
Program Chair, Graduate Education
School Liaison, AFAC
(804) 289-8524
Educational leadership
School leadership
Program Chair, Paralegal Studies
Professor, Paralegal Studies
Associate Professor of Management
(804) 289-8404
Paralegal studies