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Welcome from the Associate Dean for Academic & Student Affairs

headshot of Tom ShieldsIt is my pleasure to welcome you as a member of the SPCS adjunct faculty! Adjunct faculty are the heart and soul of SPCS degree programs. In addition to our academic advisors, yours are the faces and identities students most often connect to the School and its values.

We hire adjuncts intentionally, not because doing so is less expensive for the University, and not because we’re seeking to “adjunctify” the institution — but because adjuncts who are scholar practititioners are the best teachers for our degree-seeking students.

Adjuncts like you bring your professional experience directly from the office into the classroom, providing students the benefit of real-world application of theories learned in class. Because most of our students are themselves working professionals, your work as an adjunct models the kind of lifelong learning we expect our students to engage in throughout their careers.

We appreciate your willingness to give of your time, considerable talents, and abilities on behalf of our degree-seeking students. And we want to make your experience as positive, supportive, and smooth as possible. This section of our website, commissioned and updated by the Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee, brings together all the processes and resources you’ll need to know in order to make the best of your teaching experience.

On behalf of the School, the University, and the Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee, thank you for your work on behalf of our students!

Tom Shields signature
Thomas J. Shields, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, SPCS

About this Site

We’ve divided this site into two major areas: Processes and Resources.

Processes represent the activities you’ll be expected to complete, either once (as in the case of “Onboarding”) or repeatedly (as in the case of “Preparing to Teach Each Semester”).

Resources will be referenced among various Processes, but can be accessed more directly under Resources.

Once you’re familiar with School and University processes, the resources area will likely be the more useful area of the site.

AFAC Members

University Librarian
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts
Member, AFAC
(804) 289-8456
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Nonprofit Studies
Member, AFAC
(804) 289-8133
Adjunct Associate Professor, Education
Member, AFAC
(804) 289-8133
Adjunct Professor, Human Resource Management
Member, AFAC
(804) 289-8133
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Paralegal Studies
Member, AFAC
(804) 289-8133
Adjunct Professor, Information Systems
Member, AFAC
(804) 289-8133
Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs
Associate Professor, Education
Program Chair, Graduate Education
Associate Professor, Leadership Studies
School Liaison, AFAC
Member, SPCS Speakers Bureau
(804) 289-8524

Faculty Meetings

Fall: August 6, 2020: 6-8pm, remote via Zoom

Spring: TBA 2021

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