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Master’s Degrees

These graduate degrees require an earned bachelor’s degree.

Master's Degrees
M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction

Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction

30 semester hours total

Core Courses

18 semester hours

EDUC 650U Advanced Educational Psychology
EDUC 651U Assessment and Accountability
EDUC 652U Differentiated Instruction
EDUC 660U Curriculum Development
EDUC 653U Issues, Ethics and Policy in Education
EDUC 661U Instructional Leadership

Elective Courses

6 semester hours.

Elective options vary by semester based on school division requests and needs within the field of education.

Research Experience

6 semester hours

EDUC 680U Content Specialization and Research I
EDUC 681U Content Specialization and Research II

Capstone Experience

Comprehensive Written Examination to be completed during the final semester.

M.Ed. in Educ. Leadership & Policy Studies

Master of Education in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

37 semester hours total


15 semester hours. All candidates must complete the following courses. Each course includes a 30-hour practicum.

EDUC 601U Foundations of Educational Leadership Studies
EDUC 602U Data for Decision-Making
EDUC 603U Leading and Supervising Instruction
EDUC 604U Communicating and Leading
EDUC 605U School Law and Ethics

Professional Studies

15 semester hours. All candidates must complete the following courses. Each course includes a 10-hour practicum.

EDUC 630U School Technology
EDUC 631U Fiscal Leadership
EDUC 632U Leading Change in Educational Settings
EDUC 633U School Culture and Human Resource Leadership
EDUC 634U Context of Educational Public Policy and Politics

Field Experience

7 semester hours. All candidates must complete the following courses. Reflective Leadership Seminar residency includes 170 hours in practicum.

EDUC 610U Reflective Leadership Seminar I
EDUC 611U Reflective Leadership Seminar II

Capstone Experience

All candidates must complete a Comprehensive Written Examination.

Master of HR Management

Master of Human Resource Management

Total: 30 semester hours

Core Courses

18 semester hours

HRM 531U Human Resource Management
HRM 532U Legal Issues in Human Resource Management
HRM 533U Quantitative Analysis and Research in HRM
HRM 534U Strategic Human Resource Development
ECON 507U Labor Economics
PSYC 530U Organizational Psychology

600-Level Courses

12 semester hours. HRM 697U is required. Students may then choose 3 of the remaining 600-level courses to complete the requirement.

HRM 657U HRM in the Global Environment
HRM 697U Strategy and Policy
HRM 635U Managing Compensation and Benefits
HRM 638U HRM Leadership Theory and Application
HRM 639U Recruitment and Retention
HRM 647U Human Resource Information Systems
HRM 650U Labor Relations
HRM 696U Directed Research
Master of Liberal Arts

Master of Liberal Arts

Required Core

15 semester hours. All candidates must complete the following courses.

MLA 500U Methods and Themes in Liberal Studies
MLA 506U Humanities Seminar
MLA 507U Social Sciences Seminar
MLA 508U Science Seminar
MLA 599U Seminar in Liberal Arts

Required Focus

15 semester hours. All candidates must select 5 additional graduate courses in consultation with the program coordinator.

Master of Nonprofit Studies

Master of Nonprofit Studies

Total: 30 semester hours


15 semester hours

NPS 501U Understanding the Nonprofit Sector
NPS 520U Financial Management and Budget Development
NPS 530U Law, Ethics and Governance
NPS 540U Resource Development and Promotion
NPS 550U Strategic Human Resource Management


12 semester hours. Select 6 hours (2 classes) from each group below.

Content Specialization

6 semester hours. Topic for NPS 598U must relate to content specialization as determined by the program chair.

NPS 566U Public Policy and Advocacy
NPS 571U Social Entrepreneurship
NPS 598U Selected Topics

Systematic Design and Inquiry

6 semester hours. Topic for NPS 598U must relate to systematic design and inquiry as determined by the program chair.

NPS 562U Assessment and Program Evaluation
NPS 598U Selected Topics
EDUC 680U Content Specialization and Research I

Integrative Seminar

3 semester hours

NPS 590U Integrative Seminar
Master of Teaching

Master of Teaching

44 semester hours total

Professional Studies — All

9 semester hours. All candidates must complete the following courses.

EDUC 517U Foundations of Education
EDUC 518U Diverse Learners and Human Growth and Development
EDUC 558U Classroom and Behavior Management

Professional Studies — Elementary

18 semester hours. Elementary education candidates only.

EDUC 507U Instruction and Assessment in Elementary Science
EDUC 508U Instruction and Assessment in Elementary Social Studies
EDUC 510U Content and Pedagogy in Elementary Math
EDUC 511U Assessment and Differentiation in Elementary Math
EDUC 524U Reading Foundations
EDUC 526U Assessment, Intervention and Literacy Strategies

Professional Studies — Secondary & Comprehensive

18 semester hours. Secondary & comprehensive education candidates only.

EDUC 538U Technology-enhanced 21st Century Teaching and Learning
EDUC 542U Teaching and Learning in Secondary Classrooms
EDUC 543U Assessment and Evaluation in Education
EDUC 547U Content-Specific Instruction in Secondary Classrooms
EDUC 550U Content Area Literacy
EDUC 560U Assessment, Intervention, and Literacy Strategies for Adolescents


3 semester hours from department-approved list. All candidates must take one elective graduate course, which may include initial coursework to meet add-on endorsement requirements in Gifted Education, Special Education or ESL.

Clinical Experience

14 semester hours

EDUC 575U Teaching Internship (12 sem. hrs.)
EDUC 585U Capstone Seminar (2 sem. hrs.)

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