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Pre-Admission Advising

The School of Professional and Continuing Studies encourages prospective students to take advantage of our pre-admission advising services. In addition to assisting students in developing a program of study, advising provides tools and resources that are uniquely suited to adult learners.

Meeting with our staff and faculty can help you plan a degree or course of study suited to your needs. Please contact the School to schedule an advising appointment—advisors, coordinators and chairs are unable to accept walk-up appointments.

At SPCS our advising staff is a student’s principal point of contact for academic issues that affect progress toward a degree. Members of our advising staff can assist with course planning, registration and academic counseling, and they can direct students to a variety of campus resources.

Students are advised according to anticipated program of study. To make an appointment with an advisor, coordinator or program chair, call (804) 289-8133.

Program Advising Coordinator Chair
Curriculum & Instruction Julia Burke Laura Kuti, Assistant Chair
Tom Shields, Chair
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies Claudia Mills Kate Cassada, Assistant Chair Tom Shields, Chair
Human Resource Management (graduate) Lois Willis Contact advisor or chair Wallace “Bo” Harris, Interim Chair
Human Resource Management (undergrad) Tammy Alexander Beth Ann Howard, Manager Wallace “Bo” Harris, Interim Chair
Information Security Tammy Alexander Beth Ann Howard, Manager Lionel Mew, Chair
Information Systems Tammy Alexander
Beth Ann Howard, Manager Lionel Mew, Chair
IT Management Tammy Alexander
Beth Ann Howard, Manager Lionel Mew, Chair
Liberal Arts (graduate) Lois Willis Frank Eakin, MLA chair Erik Nielson, Interim Chair
Liberal Arts (undergrad) Erica DePompeo
Beth Ann Howard, Manager Erik Nielson, Interim Chair
Nonprofit Studies Lois Willis Miriam Blackmon, Assistant Contact advisor
Paralegal Studies Tammy Alexander Beth Ann Howard, Manager Porcher Taylor, Chair
Public History (grad certificate) Lois Willis Contact advisor or chair Erik Nielson, Interim Chair
Public History (MLA concentration) Lois Willis
Frank Eakin, MLA Chair Erik Nielson, Interim Chair
Teacher Licensure Preparation Julia Burke Laura Kuti, Interim Assistant Chair Tom Shields, Chair
Weekend College Erica DePompeo Contact advisor or chair Erik Nielson, Interim Chair

If you have immediate questions about a program or credit course, refer to the applicable Professional and Continuing Studies catalog on the publications page or contact a program coordinator.

Additional Resources

Alternative Ways to Earn Credit

The School has a liberal transfer policy, and matriculated students can earn credits toward their degree through examination, independent study, or through portfolio assessment of prior learning. Consult your academic advisor or the current catalog for details.

Testing for Credit

One way to expedite your college journey is through CLEP—the College Level Examination Program. If you are a self-directed learner, you can read, study and test out of up to 45 credit hours toward your bachelor’s degree, or 30 hours towards an associate’s degree. To learn more about the program and its implementation, enter The College Board: College Level Examination Program online. Visit the CLEP Test Center Search to find a testing center near you. For free practice tests, visit the Graduate Education Information Service’s CLEP Exam Practice Tests Website.

Portfolio Assessment of Prior Learning

We recognize that adults learn in many different ways and places, and adults have a wealth of experiences that have produced substantial learning. As a result, we have established an additional way to earn credit for prior learning through the creation, submission, and assessment of a learning portfolio. Students become eligible to submit portfolios after completing 12 credit hours at the University of Richmond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for prospective students.

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