Liberal Arts

The SPCS Liberal Arts Program offers the following programs of study:

  • Bachelor’s degree Major in Liberal Arts
  • Bachelor’s degree Online Major in Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Master of Liberal Arts
  • Master’s Degree

    MLA Program of Study

    Total: 30 semester hours

    Required Core

    12 semester hours. All candidates must complete the following courses.

    • MLA 500U Research Methods
    • ENGL 502U Business and Professional Communication
    • MLA 506U Digital Humanities
    • MLA 599U Seminar in Liberal Arts

    Required Focus

    18 semester hours. All candidates must select additional graduate courses in consultation with the program coordinator.

  • Interdisciplinary Studies Major (Online)

    Online Interdisciplinary Studies

    The undergraduate major in interdisciplinary studies in the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (BALA) is only available online.

    Total: 60 semester hours

    Major in Interdisciplinary Studies

    60 semester hours

    • ADED 300U Knowledge Management - Methods of Learning and Thinking
    • IDST 306U Understanding Culture and Language
    • HIST 345U The History of Ideas
    • HUM 346U The History of Human Expression
    • PLSC 301U The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
    • GSCI 301U The Role of Science and Technology in Shaping the Modern Era
    • MGMT 345U Business Literacy
    • LDSP 310U Leadership and Ethical Decision Making
    • IDST 310U The Examined Life
    • IDST 495U Capstone Course: Senior Seminar
  • Liberal Arts Major

    LA Major Program of Study

    The undergraduate major in liberal arts is available for the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (BALA).

    Total: 30 semester hours 

    Required Core

    12 semester hours. Select four 300-level courses that meet the following requirements:

    • One 3-hour course from each of the following groupings (12 semester hours)
    • Selected topics (numbered 398U) are eligible
    • Independent studies (numbered 399U) may be eligible (requires chair approval)

    Social Sciences

    • Anthropology (ANTH)
    • Economics (ECON)
    • Education (EDUC)
    • Geography (GEOG)
    • History (HIST)
    • International Studies (ISTY)
    • Journalism (JOUR)
    • Philosophy (PHIL)
    • Political Science (PLSC)
    • Psychology (PSYC)
    • Sociology (SOC)


    • Biology (BIOL)
    • Geology (GEOL)
    • General Science (GSCI)
    • Mathematics (MATH)


    • Art (ART)
    • Studio Art (ARTS)
    • English (ENGL)
    • Foreign  Languages
    • Humanities (HUM)
    • Music (MUS)
    • Religious Studies (RELG)
    • Theatre (THTR)

    Professional Studies

    • Human Resource Management (HRM)
    • Communications (SPCH)
    • Nonprofit Studies (NPS)
    • Paralegal Studies (LA/LAW)
    • Information Systems (ISYS)
    • Education (EDUC)

    Liberal Arts Electives

    18 semester hours from across the humanities, sciences and social sciences. 12 semester hours must be taken at or above the 300U level. 100U- and 200U-level courses may be taken prior to or concurrent with the Knowledge Management sequence (ADED 301U and ADED 302U).

  • Education Concentration

    Elementary Education Program of Study

    Undergraduate students may opt for an additional concentration in education toward elementary teacher licensure preparation while working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (BALA) degree.

    Total: 41 semester hours

    Professional Studies

    27 semester hours

    • EDUC 307U Instruction and Assessment in Elementary Science
    • EDUC 308U Instruction and Assessment in Elementary Social Studies
    • EDUC 310U Concepts and Methods in Elementary Math
    • EDUC 311U Assessment and Differentiation in Elementary Math
    • EDUC 317U Foundations of Education
    • EDUC 318U Diverse Learners and Human Growth and Development
    • EDUC 324U Reading Foundations for Early Literacy Instruction
    • EDUC 326U Assessment, Intervention and Literacy Strategies for Elementary Readers
    • EDUC 358U Classroom and Behavior Management

    Field Experience

    14 semester hours

    • EDUC 475U Teaching Internship (12 sem. hrs.)
    • EDUC 484U Pre-Internship Workshop Series (0.25 sem. hrs.)
    • EDUC 485U Capstone Seminar (1.75 sem. hrs.)