Invitation from Dean Wilson

Photo of Dean WilsonThe School of Professional and Continuing Studies is one of five academic schools at the University of Richmond, each with a specific mission but all united in a shared commitment to providing an extraordinary learning experience for each and every one of its students. We are One Richmond, an integral part of the fabric of the University.

Our mission at SPCS is to “enrich lives and careers for the 21st century” by meeting the educational needs of learners of all ages with a particular focus on students like you — non-traditional adult learners and working professionals. We serve students like you by offering undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates along with a wide variety of noncredit programs and services. All of our programs are designed to recognize and support the unique circumstances of adult students, circumstances that often involve juggling the demands of school with work, family, and social and civic obligations.

Whatever your relationship with the School and University, we hope you’ll engage with us on our website, in social media, and in person, here on the remarkable campus of the University of Richmond. We’d like to become part of your personal and professional story of success.

I invite you to explore the offerings of the SPCS and extend my best wishes for success in your studies.

Signature of Dean Wilson
Jamelle S. Wilson, Ed.D.